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  1. Underwhelmed is an understatement re, the presentation and paying process...vector in the sponsor on the training gear...why...but worst of all putting the kilmarnockpie.com on the back of the shirts will be a bit of a commercial disaster...if someones a bit portly you can just here the who ate all the pies comments....sorry Killie you've just lost a couple of shirt sales as my lads won't wear them and they are slim...
  2. Not getting this "appoint an assistant with managerial experience to hold his hand"....I would take it that you don't actually trust me with the position and tell you to stick your job where the sun don't shine if it was me......he should have the experience now with the added bonus of working under SC to sink or swim all by himself...
  3. As a Killie fan I hope the lad goes to Killie but your Highlandphobic comments beggar belief assume you've never spent any time here, most of the RC players live in and around Inverness with a far better night life, choice of restaurants then any similarly sized City/Town in Scotland, surrounded by some of the best Golf Courses, sea, Loch, River fishing and easy driving distance from Skiing Hillwalking centres that's before you vector in the scenery....aye laddie you stick to walking the streets of Glasgow and admiring religious intolerance, a player with children and a brain being offered the same cash never mind more cash from ICT/RC rather than a central belt team has an easy choice to make....rant over...
  4. This link may help refresh some with their memory, http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Scottish_Football_League/Kilmarnock/Kilmarnock.htm also a nice potted History..interesting site regarding all teams..
  5. Or more people could join the trust and aid the club that way.....just a thought....as the club certainly seem very happy with the help they are receiving this surely is an incident that shows the importance of the trust and why fan ownership is the safest way to stop clubs going under..
  6. Agree with Squirrelhumper, there is much being stated about the clubs suffering financial hardship and it will be sore on them but many of the much maligned fans will take a massive hit over the coming months....as much as I sympathise with the players and staff at the club's there are quite a few who won't die a Winter...season tickets and away gates will be lower next season and clubs will have to vector that in and cut their cloth to suit..
  7. I think Niko's mum is monitoring this forum and marking us down accordingly.....because only she could think the lad played well...by the way my dear we hope he improves and plays well too!!
  8. Astounded that anyone watching that thought Niko was our best player......
  9. I don't think so the same laptop on the same wifi works fine when beamed from say Ibrox...my mate has borrowed it to watch the Dons tv as better than on his phone yet no problem...
  10. Killie had a very good claim for a penalty too but sadly no mention of that....mind you our left back put in one of the worst performances I've seen from a Killie player and a ridiculous challenge that merited a penalty and an instant removal from the park by our manager, how he wasn't subbed beggars belief..
  11. Have to agree with Jasper the quality terrible from RP some games unwatchable as you skip continually between prime and backup player, no idea what the club get out of the deal from the TV company, but sadly I'm at the stage of throwing in the towel...
  12. Thankfully the sensible on this thread is easily discerned from the nonsense, the goal of the trust is to eventually hold the controlling interest in the club negating the danger of an MJ, Romanov or Craig Whyte taking the club down...….simple and a trust is the best vehicle to obtain that through fan ownership. It works very well for the two richest football clubs on the planet Barcelona and Real Madrid owned and run through their fans Socios….and yes to the doon moothers we do not have and will never have that kind of fan base but all things taken relatively we could become a very lucrative proposition if we could motivate a large percentage of our current support. I live 200 miles from Rugby Park and work over 3000 miles away, so no I don't fit into any cliques, don't know any members of the trust apart from my Brother, have no affiliation with the labour party, but can find no axe to grind with Cathie, as all who actually meet and have dealings with her regarding the club speak highly of her ability and commitment.....so why the snide and frankly should be beneath decent folks comments. Think as a fan base those that "can" should back the trust, those that cant financially or won't should be respected and not seen as any a lesser fan, but they should if decrying the trust and it's supporters explain their angst against the principal without the snide personal attacks...NAPM is over lets move on.... At the end of the day we want Killie to prosper on and off the park and splitting the support is not the best route forward....and if you have a better vehicle than the Trust not withstanding some Oligarch then lets hear it...
  13. OrkneyKillie, your not alone there are a few dotted about the Inverness area sadly I can't make this game but regularly go down to RP or wherever and once again "sadly" quite often with just me in the motor....we have a poster BlackisleKillie so assume he's across the bridge and see the Forres lads regularly at games and know there are others in Inverness, perhaps organising a meet and greet and see if we can get organised regarding sharing cars, etc... All the best for your trip today particularly regarding the result but also for your patience as that's the most frustrating drive in the UK and thats on a good day...
  14. Cant quite grasp the Holt dismissers who belittle his achievements with Livingston and think he's not good enough for us, arrogance like that is usually found on an Old Firm Forum......we might not be good enough for Holt but I suspect his loyalty to the club would win the day, pity some on here didn't show am ex player who would bust a lung for Killie the same loyalty, as one things for sure he would put all his energy and effort into improving us and not tolerate players thinking they are bigger than the club and performing accordingly... Looking at what's out there and our budget I'd say he's the most suitable prospect...
  15. Bloody sad reflection on the board and BB.....feel for the guy, as the mistakes on Saturday which led to a lack of created chances and shoot your self in the foot defending was all down to the players.....I don't think he said hold possession, take it up to their 18 yard box and then play all the way back to ours, pass to our goalkeeper and turn 100% possession into a 50/50, think the players and board want to have a wee look in the mirror....

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