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  1. Arderkilliesier

    He could have been a contender....

    Neil Whitworth.....cracking player pre illness.
  2. Arderkilliesier

    JJ Sunderland Speculation

    Obviously some see the lad as having no value on the park....never mind cost of replacing him, if he helps gain higher league position, longer runs in the cup competitions brings in increased sponsorship and puts more bums on seats he can go for nothing next summer rather than some of the paltry sums mentioned on here....why not sell O'Donnell and Taylor as well for another £500K each or is that too much for Killie players...yes lets have a herd of cows with no prize bulls to service them...great business move...MJ mentality has seeped on to the terracing methinks...rant over...
  3. Arderkilliesier


    Would love to see safe standing introduced at RP, not so sure it's an obvious first project, but agree that anything that increases the stadium experience to pull people in and away from the TV has to be looked at....and its better for my osteo arthritis... Friends south of the border think the big screens make a difference as the kids love to see themselves and be seen as entering stadium and at halftime... But most will be shouting at the screens...spend it on the fecking team ya halfwits!!!! and I can't fault that either....
  4. Arderkilliesier


    Hardly irrelevant....people climb on a band wagon when it's playing a merry tune as ours is now, but when the band hits some bum notes they quickly jump off.. The only guaranteed way to safeguard a club is fan ownership which should be the goal of all clubs, which is ultimately what the Trust is aiming for so we are not at the whim of a, or some individuals, whose personal/business circumstances can change in a heartbeat. As for the poor uptake which is belittled by St Mirren and Motherwell (clubs arguably with a similar fan base) can't surely be down to selective amnesia where our fans have so quickly forgotten that we were heading for the same abyss as them and Hearts saved by Anne Budge, who wholeheartedly supports fan ownership....if she can see it why can't our fans....
  5. Arderkilliesier

    In Praise of Scott Boyd

    Plenty Ross County fans amazed when they let him go and maybe a contributing factor to McIntyre and Dodds getting the boot as very popular with the fans and released while in his testimonial season...not nice....good bit of business by Killie though, our gain their loss, definitely worth an extended contract..
  6. Arderkilliesier

    Phyllis McLeish

    On paper it looks a good appointment, as if she is the success we are led to believe she will soon suss out the abilities or failings of said CEO and act accordingly...she will bring a different dimension to the board and hopefully some ideas on increasing the fan base.....good luck to her.. PS, On the basis of the picture please don't let her pick the next home or away tops....
  7. Arderkilliesier

    Next Season's Strip

    Think i've strayed onto a Brighton & Hove Albion thread going by the amount of gullibility on display.....LOL
  8. Arderkilliesier

    Live Stream

    http://www.hesgoal.com/news/29778/Rangers_vs_Kilmarnock.html Try that chaps.......
  9. Arderkilliesier


    Or for those overseas or can't make games you could give one off or monthly donations to TIK if not already signed up, that way the funds can be delivered to the club via a fans organisation which (hopefully soon) will have some say on how its spent... Fan ownership is the future of provincial FC's as it eliminates the risk of being run by self interested parties (ring any bells anyone), Billy Bowie doing a fantastic job at the moment but his and therefore our situation can change in a heartbeat.. As for the Follow Follow brigade....going mental at the rebuke by SC and in disbelief or bigoted mode....next game against them is going to be interesting, get your tickets now.....
  10. Arderkilliesier

    Season tickets

    Club has missed a trick I fear, think the club should have adopted a more progressive attitude to pricing, seems not that long ago most on this forum and on fan surveys conducted by others thought the price of Scottish football was the cause of dwindling attendances and that 20 was plenty..... Adopting that as your starting figure £20 x 19 = £380 therefore to make ST's value for money £300 early bird 1 £320 EB 2 and £340 full price would be fair and hopefully increase income through the sale of more tickets both through increased ST's and PATG's.....also would encourage increased traveling support that aids atmosphere and stadium experience which in itself would hopefully create more home paying customers... As for the family tickets I think they are well priced but should include the OF games......as for fans of our club not wanting to turn up and watch the OF at RP, that just beggars belief (to me), as like it or lump it they have the cash to buy the best players and therefore as football fans that is what you pay to watch and hopefully beat....and there is nothing sweeter than getting it right up their fans after a win....what a season this has been... For those that are fortunate and willing to give the club added funds, there is already a route to do that it's called TIK and who knows you may even get a say on how its spent....
  11. Arderkilliesier

    Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Oh he will momentarily.....and then he will smile and think of the value the Steve Clarke turnaround has added to his ill gotten gains....still makes you want to wretch when you think of what this man will eventually take out of the club...
  12. Arderkilliesier

    Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Far from getting angry, I revel that the well paid highly respected pundits who have been plucked from the predominately infirm ex player needing a wee financial boost pundit holding pens.....all agree with us....that Rankers missed a trick and that our man is the standout Manager of the year candidate (just a bit surprised with all their superior knowledge of the game and his CV, that they were holding their peace until he came to The Killie)....and I will revel even more when Messer's Bowie and Clarke tell them to feck off, if Rankers come calling... loving the positive vibe about the club just now, long may it continue..
  13. Arderkilliesier

    gers away, Fred

    Please please please lets revel in the fact that we have a good side and that we are beating good sides, this nonsense that Sevco are sh**e only demeans our success, they have beaten Aberdeen twice at home and once away this season something sadly we have not emulated...they are second in the league on merit and we are beating them on merit not because they are sh**e...we are also unbeaten to the other cheek on the arse...why because on the day we matched them or bettered them not because they were sh**e, thats the excuse their fans use...aye we were crap that day....no we were better..
  14. Arderkilliesier

    gers away, Fred

    BBC had to switch them off, a collection of failed Managers and assistants in shock and awe that someone with some ability can take a collection of professional footballers and turn them into a winning team....surely thats the point...Willie greeting face Miller well I'll just not bother with him...as for Billy Dodds comment that Steve came across as an unassuming and quiet man when he was an apprentice at Chelsea and he never thought he would be the type of guy to make it as a manager...beggars belief the arrogance that as an apprentice he thought he had that kind of insight...arrrrrgh....ask the Staggies fans what they think of his ability.....
  15. Arderkilliesier

    Cammy Bell

    Excellent keeper as proved by last nights performance, especially when you consider he came on cold having not played a competitive match for a long time.. Our loss Hibs gain...good luck to the lad....unless of course he's playing us..

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