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  1. This makes perfect commercial sense. It will always be Rugby Park to the fans. We should never become complacent about our finances. Kilmarnock are not in a position to knock back that kind of money.
  2. Working on my Smart TV
  3. Totally agree. I don’t get the criticism the team misses him when he is not playing.
  4. We blew it and that’s it. We didn’t see the game out twice. Findlay made a huge mistake and was punished. He has been good for us this season and hopefully he’ll learn from it. Absolutely gutted tonight.
  5. According to St Mirren Fan Tv the other player were are trying to get in is Danny Mullen.
  6. So far it’s been another disappointing transfer window. Probably doesn’t help that we only have a manager in place until the summer either that or the deals we are offering must be very poor. At the first trust meeting PM stated that the board wanted our transfer work done early in the window, so something has failed.
  7. Usually positive about Killie however 7 defeats in a row is absolutely shocking Very poor decisions made by the board after an outstanding season. Make up for it now and go and get Gary Holt.
  8. I’ve heard Bunn looked good in training. Just a bit rusty, but seemed to offer something different.
  9. He is absolutely done. Watched him against us this season and fouled every time he went for the ball.
  10. I thought they worked really hard today and were unlucky not to get a draw. Badly need players up front. The attacking players that Alessio brought in have delivered nothing. Time to send Sow, St Clair and Jackson packing.
  11. Get a grip these are 2 of the players that got us to our highest finish since 1966. We all can see we need creativity on the pitch and hopefully that will be sorted in January. However the comments on here tonight are a disgrace. I thought SOD created a couple of our best chances today!!
  12. I think there will be a few not wanting to sign new contracts under AA.
  13. I think Tommy Wright got his tactics right last night. They pressed us all game and we didn’t get a minute. I’ll probably get slated for this but we missed Rory last night, I think Miller has been really disappointing on his return. We didn’t get beat so that was the only positive. Big January transfer window for Alessio and Fow.
  14. I think this is a great appointment. Someone who knows the club inside out. Someone who the young players will look up to and someone who the senior players will respect. A good coach who understands the workings of our football club. Perfect. Remember how far we have came from the dark days of Gary Locke & Lee Clark.