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  1. Killiegh

    Tommy Burns

    He was a special man. Probably my happiest time supporting Killie when he was here. His goals against A*r at Somerset were brilliant but seeing his joy at Hibs, the day we stayed up, with thousands of Killie fans behind him in the terracing was fantastic. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Tommy Burns. RIP.
  2. Killiegh


    Sir Steve what a man!!!!!
  3. Killiegh

    Season tickets

    My season ticket is behind the home dugout. I’ve heard that we are getting moved from next season. Has anyone got any information. Presently on holiday so can’t check my mail.
  4. Killiegh


    He had ice on his hamstring and a nice stud mark on his Achilles but he didn’t seem too concerned in the dugout.
  5. They must have made a mistake!!! It’s not like them.
  6. According to SfA website Matthew Willock on loan from Manchester United.
  7. Killiegh

    Jamie MacDonald

    Great news he has done really well for us. Delighted he has extended his stay.
  8. Killiegh

    Best memories of 2017

    Ibrox for me was fantastic and the celebration was one of the best ever!!! But it’s probably the feel good factor returning to Rugby Park and everyone pulling in the same direction. Finally from the Board down it feels we are in this together.
  9. Killiegh


    The crowd isn’t up as much as we all would have wanted but this will take time. However leaving the ground today people were happy. There were kids singing coming out the Frank Beattie stand. If they were there on free tickets they might come back next week with their parents. If the team keep putting in performances like that fans will come back.
  10. Killiegh

    Lee Erwin

    It’s beyond me how Lee Erwin has got this far in professional football. He gives nothing to the team, not even nuisance value.
  11. Killiegh

    What was your first game?

    Oct 1977 Killie 2 Stirling Albion 3. Sat in the main stand with my Dad. Davie Provan was sent off for Killie.
  12. Killiegh

    Board Sack Clark

    Total imposter. Delighted he left us when he did.
  13. Killiegh

    how bad are our footballers

    The players need to take a serious look at themselves. The experienced players sitting on the bench should be embarrassed that they can’t get into this woeful team. What have Power, Broadfoot and Burke done since they arrived?
  14. Killiegh

    Kris Boyd on Sky

    That post is spot on. I was one who always backed Boydy and excepted he is looking for a career after playing. However he has crossed the line now and is trying to be as controversial as Sutton. He needs to show some respect for his current employer who resurrected your career. Also for his current manager who needs all the help he can get at the moment.
  15. Killiegh

    A Disgrace. . .

    Totally agree. Relegation would be an absolute disaster for us. Just remember the times struggling in the old first division it was horrendous. Do we want to go back to that?

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