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  1. Doesn't sound real to me, a couple of thousand sevco singing a song and then hear that over all of them! Discussing it here as if it's 100% genuine gives it credibility before anything's been proven. Another sevco deflection tactic!
  2. As usual when it comes to sevco the facts have been ignored. HMRC have dropped the claim for £24M due to the fact they will only get a couple of pence to the £ owed and as such pursuing the claim would not be in the best interests of the tax payer as it would cost more than the total sum recoverable. They have NOT dropped the case, as claimed in the press, as they now believe it was mis-calculated!! So if they thought they could retrieve a substantial amount of what was owed they would still be going for it!! As for appealing the other claimed £36M amount, HMRC have already got the desired result in getting EBT's outlawed so the figure they go after is irrelevant to them. Their big result was being able to go after other tax dodgers and also stop it from happening in the future. So, as per the headline, £50M over charged is absolute garbage! But there is something heart warming that they now feel hard done to, listen out for the dog whistles as they ratchet up the rhetoric! As usual, everybody's fault bar their own.
  3. All this talk of £1.9M, come on get real. I bought a pie, bovril, crisps and an irn-bru on saturday so technically in a 5 minute spell on saturday I put 5 times more in to the club than MJ has in 10 years! (Add in the gate money for my daughter and i and we are in a totally different league from that parasite)For my £5 I got the food stuffs that I ordered, for his £1 how much do we reckon he has removed from the club? Not including his share of the hotel which seems to be a freebie! Surely the whole key in this is billy bowie. We know MJ has no money to invest so if BB was to stop writing cheques then as a result there is some sort of pre-pack administration where by MJ is removed as he cannot fund the the clubs exit from administration! This route would require the club to be in debt to billy bowie who would be able to call in the administrator and do his own deal. The up shot is this that MJ's shares are worthless in this circumstance if he has money to invest! If any body is considering paying that parasite even £1 then they are being badly advised!

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