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  1. Aye. Absolutely f**ked it 🤣
  2. Well well well... Got a load of dislikes for this.
  3. I suggested this in the transfer forum and got absolutely crucified.
  4. Thanks mate. Help appreciated.
  5. I know there's more important things to be discussed but it didn't work at all. Tried all 4 of the family season tickets details and all said invalid credentials. Anyone know who I need to contact about this?
  6. Tried to log onto KTV with my new season ticket information and says incorrect credentials. Anyone with a season ticket tried logging in yet?
  7. I asked Cathy about the situation with the Moffat stand last night. This was her response. Obviously still trying to work things out with EAC.
  8. Naismith. Not sure why but I absolutely love the big bastard.
  9. Anyone else's Killie stream stuck on the 1 camera? Canny see either goals haha
  10. I see Lee Hodson is on trial at Dundee. Got released from Gillingham. Is he exclusively a right back? Or can he play centre half as well? Would be a decent signing for 6 months as cover.
  11. Exactly. Proven top goalscorers are worth their weight in gold and any decent one will probably already have a club.
  12. Worst thing is I'm working all day tomorrow until 6. So I won't be able to phone club during the day to try and sort it out. Tad inconvenient.