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  1. Don't think we could afford Hayes wages. Would be a fantastic signing though.
  2. Cass316


    Bowie saying Dyer will be the manager next season.
  3. Cass316


    He was a solid enough keeper. Better than the 2 diddies we had last season. Will be well out of our price range unfortunately. Will be offered good wages down south.
  4. Cass316

    Niko away?

    I liked him at the start of his loan period. Certainly dipped in form towards the end. I think there's a decent player in there but I'd probably look elsewhere for a permanent left back.
  5. Cass316


    The farce in January didn't exactly help Dyers case either.
  6. Cass316


    Not impressed in the slightest. Wrong decision.
  7. You usually talk absolute guff but I can't help but agree with you.
  8. Bowie is a charlatan. If he gives AD the role full time then I dread to think what will happen next season.
  9. I don't expect us to get anything against Celtic but everything after that is definitely winnable. I honestly think the game vs Livi will determine which of the 2 teams gets top 6.
  10. I'm one of Kilties biggest critics but I thought he was fantastic when he came on.
  11. Aye, he's absolutely useless with transfer stuff. The previous Standard reporter was far superior to him.
  12. I hate backing us as I feel I might jinx the team haha
  13. Can anyone tell me what material they are made of? Is it that thin garbage all modern shirts are made of?
  14. Gretna away. Now that was some night. Haha. One of the worst performances I'd ever seen.

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