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  1. If we could get him on one of those pay per game deals until say January, I'd take the punt on him.
  2. McGowan is absolutely awful. Can see why Millen was preferred.
  3. Midfield isn't our problem though.
  4. Well, he can. He's just not being given the opportunity this season.
  5. Hypothetically, let's say he gets sacked in 4/5 weeks. Do you really trust the board to bring in the right guy? Apart from Steve Clarke getting handed to them on a silver platter, they've made bad decision after bad decision when it comes to getting the right man for the job.
  6. For what it's worth the Hamilton feed was just as bad yesterday. Loads of Hamilton and St Mirren fans complaining about picture loss throughout the second half. Here's an example from a St Mirren fans twitter.
  7. Would be out this world if we could get him. Thought he was destined for the EPL but kind of faltered towards the end at Bristol City.
  8. Watched on KTV for the first half hour. Picture was really jittery and kept jumping from good quality to s**te so gave up and watched on my IPTV. IPTV stream was fine apart from the freezing(which was due to Killie TV). Second half was a joke with the scrambled picture. It's not acceptable.
  9. Alessio wasn't the answer but I also fear that Dyer isn't either. Although I'm not blaming him today.
  10. Anyone elses a bit jittery?
  11. Didn't kick a ball last year. His head was never in it. F*ck him. No better than Jones or Stewart in my eyes.
  12. “I’m delighted to sign a deal with Motherwell,” he said. “It’s a deal that suits everyone involved. Obviously there’s a few injuries and so the manager was looking for someone. “When he came to me, I was delighted to sign up. “I am a local boy, so it’s a great fit for me. And obviously, the chance to have another crack at Europe was a big factor. “I feel I’ve a lot to prove at that level and to get that chance is important, especially with Scotland games on the horizon too. “But first, I want to get playing games and help the team.”