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  1. Aye. Absolutely f**ked it 🤣
  2. Well well well... Got a load of dislikes for this.
  3. I suggested this in the transfer forum and got absolutely crucified.
  4. Thanks mate. Help appreciated.
  5. I know there's more important things to be discussed but it didn't work at all. Tried all 4 of the family season tickets details and all said invalid credentials. Anyone know who I need to contact about this?
  6. Tried to log onto KTV with my new season ticket information and says incorrect credentials. Anyone with a season ticket tried logging in yet?
  7. I asked Cathy about the situation with the Moffat stand last night. This was her response. Obviously still trying to work things out with EAC.
  8. Naismith. Not sure why but I absolutely love the big bastard.
  9. Anyone else's Killie stream stuck on the 1 camera? Canny see either goals haha
  10. I see Lee Hodson is on trial at Dundee. Got released from Gillingham. Is he exclusively a right back? Or can he play centre half as well? Would be a decent signing for 6 months as cover.
  11. Exactly. Proven top goalscorers are worth their weight in gold and any decent one will probably already have a club.
  12. Worst thing is I'm working all day tomorrow until 6. So I won't be able to phone club during the day to try and sort it out. Tad inconvenient.
  13. Moffat family season ticket holder here too. Emailed at 1 and I still haven't heard back. I have no doubt I'll get my tickets but Jesus Christ this is a clusterf**k.
  14. Still nothing. I understand Cathy is trying to help by giving out information and I appreciate that but why is the clubs twitter account not giving out the information? Especially seeing as so many people have replied to the tweet asking questions or saying they haven't received their tickets yet.
  15. TW says he's quick so that's certainly something our other 2 strikers don't seem to possess. Might not be a proven goalscorer(yet) but will hopefully add something different.
  16. Ndjoli scored a few absolute screamers.
  17. I'm going on Monday night wee man. You're no.
  18. Aye. We've never really had much luck with loan strikers. McAleny the last decent one.
  19. Remember Flo Bojaj? He was another that was hyped by his clubs fans, was rank rotten at best.
  20. It's still a brand new team trying to figure each other out. I honestly think it'll take a good month or 2 more to really get the team gelled and the best out of them. Apart from wee bits here and there we haven't been under that much pressure. The Morton and Stranraer goals were both top drawer strikes (which obviously could have been avoided by shutting the players down earlier) but the football is there. Some lovely passing stuff and play. As has been said, we are 1 or 2 players away from a real cracking team. Also, when have we ever absolutely humped teams in this competition? I canny remember us ever starting a season.