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  1. 100% agree He played at half pace and still absolutely destroyed us.
  2. Why do you find it funny that this is allegedly in Onthank?
  3. Would love to see us return to the eighties style hoops. Tourhill Joinery top one of my favourites
  4. How many does St Mirren park hold? I know we normally get 1600 but is there not a rule away fans get 25% at Scottish Cup ties?
  5. I remember a game against Partick Thistle in the earlier 90s. Think we lost 3-2? Bobby Geddes saved his own bye kick at the Rugby Road end!! Could see something similar today
  6. This could turn into a farce in these conditions
  7. Was ticket only in October mate. Wee bit of advice though, I paid £29 and the turnstiles were unmanned. Could easily get in with a concession.
  8. Alan Power should captain our club. He would run through a brick wall for us.
  9. Do you just pluck names out of a hat?
  10. I get that gambling is an addiction but don't think it should have a bearing on prospective sponsorship. Being sponsored by bet365 wouldn't make me any more likely to put on a Lucky 15 than being sponsored by Benson and Hedges would put me on to 40 a day.

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