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  1. Couldn't just have an outright ballot though. Adults who take kids obviously would have to be allocated to the same game?
  2. All about opinions I suppose. Personally I don't mind a few wisecracks but during commentary? His player interviews are nauseating. Asked Aaron McGowan if he knew what a tattie scone was and seemed to think it was hilarious.
  3. Agree that Cochrane could give Rikki Fulton a run for is money. Totally disagree that Gavin Wallace is decent. His analysis is woeful.
  4. Actually embarrassing listening to it
  5. Canny wait to be able to get back to games. These two are horrific.
  6. I thought the pre-match would have been live?
  7. Have to admit, the defence gives me the fear
  8. Cheers mate. Countdown on.
  9. What time does the Killie tv coverage start?
  10. Is there a possibility of watching this on Sky in the Killie Club or Park Hotel, or will there be no entry on home matchdays?
  11. Has to be Rangers every time. Respect to the Ayr fans who actually go to Somerset. Would be easy to follow the OF instead, same as here.
  12. Waiting on the "bring him home" posts. He better be nowhere near Rugby Park ever again.