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  1. Scored the winner vs Newco in three of the last 5 Lge Matches? Need him for next Sat me thinks!
  2. Who's got the inside track on/with Brophy? Hope he makes the team soon!
  3. He was even better on Sunday!
  4. No ... The Wolf could be the future!
  5. Wolf & Kiltie .... STILL to come!
  6. Back Row: Robertson, Cairns ?, Sheed, Stewart, Eddie, Sam, White (spelling ?) Middle: Ross M, Casper, Gilmour, Big D, Ally H, Alan Lee ??, Jackie, ???? Rodman Front: Stevenson ?, ???, ??? (one of them is Frye I believe) Fleming, Dickson, Mcs**tey, Cook Who can clarify the ???
  7. Allan


    No remember Koudou?
  8. "Your Not Fit To Wear The Shirt" .... they sang!..... Fans completely turned on the entire team and JJ's entorage... BRUTAL! Of further note Danny scored a screamer from 2 inches out on the Sat (3 days later) as Killie humped the Buddies 1-0 at Rugers for "business as usual to be resumed".
  9. Lets keep the negativity in the part... so... with that in mind .... What are Killie's most pathetic results? - Nomads (H) in 2019 - A*r (A) in the Cup in 1998 - Coleraine (H) 1970 Inter Cities Fairs Cup - Gretna (A @ Fir Park) in 2008 ?? Plenty more out there Im sure! The 0-4 skanking off of Dee to start 2015 wasnt too clever, or away to Ton in the Cup either!
  10. Allan

    New KIt

    Resigned SOD to play in goals?

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