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  1. They were a bunch of thugs, put the boot in all over the park that night. Still makes me angry.
  2. GCM

    Club Shop

    I phoned the shop before 1.00 p.m. after being overcharged £27 to £2700 and they knew about the problem by then. I cannot understand why they did not pull the plug on it and save everyone and themselves a lot of grief.
  3. Only losers will be Hearts and Thistle as cannot see any way a SFA tribunal will vote in their favour. Should be docked points for next season for taking it to court.
  4. Is this guy still on trial?
  5. GCM


    Topper, still laughing.
  6. Save a lot of time and money throw them out the league now. Member clubs voted to end the league early, member clubs agreed how to finalise placings, member clubs voted not to have league reconstruction, why should two clubs hold others to ransom.
  7. Renewed my over 65, happy to watch on TV until able to go back and feel safe.
  8. SPFL should say they will throw them and Thistle out and will bring in Brora and Kelty in their place, see what Budge says then.
  9. Aye, very good start to the new signings.
  10. If and/or when any reconstruction takes place (which affects the number of teams in any league) it should be decided upon before the start of the following season, that stops any conspiracies theories that it is being carried out to save certain teams. Every team would start the new season knowing what their outcome would be depending on their final league placing.
  11. I would have, as Skygod highlighted in his post, an assistant who has some managerial experience as there is none whatsover in this management team. It justs looks like another easy option by the club just as Dyers appointment was. I appreciate in this current climate it may be harder to conduct interviews, but our success in promoting from within has been poor over the last few years.
  12. Agree with this, cheap option again, back to the pre Clarke era, nothing either of them has done managerially inspires me with confidence, hope very much that I am proved wrong otherwise in January we could be looking for another pair.
  13. To be fair, the average height of most teams now compared to the 60' and 70's must be 2" or 3" taller. You look at the English Premier most of the players seem to be about 6' plus.
  14. With all the different league proposals put forward to save Hearts (and none agreed), it was only a matter of time before it got even crazier. Hibs and Hearts want to ground share at Murrayfield to enable them to get bigger crowds, as they will be able to social distance easier. (maybe we should try for Hampden) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52938590 Now Rangers are back wanting them and Celtic to have a B team in the bottom League. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52941423 Seriously getting to the stage when I could give up on Scottish football.
  15. See Budge is now wanting a 14 team league and has stated the other lower division teams can do what they like (I don't care attitude). Doncaster now saying a 14 team league could be for five years. They are trying anything they can to save Hearts from relegation.

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