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  1. Rubbish, deserve nothing from this game
  2. Not too bad a crowd, (but very quiet as others have said) when Inverness who have won all their league games and are top of the table only attracted a crowd of 2148 all the other games were nearer 1500.
  3. Chelsea, reportedly, already showing an interest in Gilmour.
  4. I thought we started the game really well, good tempo, got goal and thought this could be a good afternoon. Sanders bad pass and two players colliding gave Nesbitt a well taken goal. It took until the second half to get into gear again. Still unconvinced on left back position, both players have faults. Sanders did not impress against lower level opposition. There seemed much more movement up front, would like possibly to see Robinson playing just behind Shaw as think more likely to have buried the chances Lyons missed. To be fair to the lad he was in right positions. Would like to see Armstrong starting some league games and if necessary Burke coming on later.
  5. Really should start a new thread on transfers and move this to the Moaning Groundhog Day Sub-Forum.
  6. Think it is 11.00 in both England and Scotland. Sorry stand corrected 12.00 in Scotland
  7. Totally agree, after first tackle on Burke, Gardyne should have been taken out, got to send a message two can play at that game.
  8. Similar note, Ayr looking for postponement of their game against Raith Rovers due to six cases of covid. This season could be worse than last season, with the high case numbers and relaxation of rules.
  9. Extra ticket bought for Frank Beattie, only problem I had was couldn't get it to work on laptop so had to use phone.
  10. Good result, better start to the season than I had hoped for, thought it might takes us a while to gel as a team. A win next week would really set us off to a great league start.
  11. Need to move the ball much quicker from back to front, at times its pedestrian. They are just sitting in, which is what we come up against a lot this season.
  12. Thought the chairman said there were also power cuts out with the stadium, if so, hardly Raith Rovers fault.
  13. Better angle Polworth's shot
  14. Could easily be 2 up, playing really well.
  15. Realistically we could easily have won by 4 goals and there would have less negativity. Burkes shot, which Polworth gets disallowed. Alston shot which keeper makes a very good save. Camerons header which should be buried And of course a well worked goal from Naismith. In return what did Queens create.
  16. Going to be plenty of games like this when we have lots of the possession and struggle to score. The positives are we kept going, got the goal, clean sheet (again) and haven't lost a game this season. Let's be honest, the defence didn't really didn't give much away. Would like to see Fraser Murray involved in games, too much is required from Burke.
  17. I think Inverness use pixellot too.
  18. On paper, this was a difficult opening fixture, new team with high expectations of them, derby match, but the lads were in control from start to finish. That game should have been won comfortably before half time. Great to see so many happy Killie fans faces even if they had masks on. Keeper comes for high balls and collects them. Defence are good solid unit, always shouting, thought Euan Murray was excellent at back. Midfield that play the ball forward and actually get in the box. Up front, quieter game from Fraser Murray, Cameron put in a shift, wee Burke is just class. Still think we need a striker, as its asking a lot from the 3 young lads. We should have an excellent season, knowing Killie probably with a few bumps on the way.
  19. We paid a fee for Kabamba, so why not for this guy.
  20. The overall squad of players looks good, with the exception of a striker or two. We have controlled both home games and should have been out of sight in both before half time. Just need the final pieces in the jigsaw and we should have a much better season.
  21. Went on a 9.02 good lot of the seats already gone on the East Stand.
  22. My only problem was, with so many new players it was difficult to see the numbers and deciding who was who. A few games and it will be easier.
  23. Everything worked fine, really looking forward to Tuesday night and seeing new team.
  24. Don't turn up on wednesday it's tuesday against Morton