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  1. Kris Boyd, the best striker we’ve had in recent times, only managed to score 20+ goals a season in his time at Killie twice.
  2. Take out Brophy's 11 penalties he has still scored more goals than Magennis is fewer minutes
  3. Brophy has more goal contributions (including assists) than Josh in fewer minutes.
  4. So you'd rather have Magennis (a goal every 355 mins at Killie) to Brophy (a goal every 203 mins) as your striker for us? If Brophy's goal record was poor what was Magennis's?
  5. 32 goals (8 assists) in 77 starts (103 apps in total) is far from an extremely poor return.
  6. He isn't a lone striker anyway. Was far too isolated at times under Alessio and his form suffered. Although was still putting a great shift in for the team with little reward. As soon as he got a partner up front or more players round about him he started scoring again. Brophy and Kabamba could be a great partnership going forward IMO.
  7. Always thought Leitch comes across well whenever I have heard him on the radio.
  8. I think you received the down votes for the sly dig at Brophy which you seem to love to do. Not about your comments re Kabamba.
  9. Aye, I think he is naturally right footed as well. Be good to see him playing there and pushing on.
  10. Anywhere in the top 6 would be a great season. In terms of budget etc most teams outside the top 4 are evenly matched so I reckon finishing the best of the rest would be a great season. Performances mean I’m not as worried as some about Dyer but after the next 4 or 5 games we need the results to match the performances otherwise Dyer could be away.
  11. Good for you, but you could still be asymptomatic and be passing that virus on to others. Not matter how safe you are trying to be.
  12. Well at least you can admit you’re being selfish and not interested in the health of others as long as you can do as you wish.
  13. Sweden has on average 25 people per square kilometre while the UK has 275 people per square kilometre. Which would indicate it is much easier for the virus to spread in the UK than in Sweden. Of course there will be densely populated areas of Sweden such as Stockholm, Gotenberg, Malmo etc but these will still be less dense than the large cities of the UK. There will also be more people flying in to the UK from around the world than to Sweden so more likely to bring the virus here. These would just be two factors why Sweden might be experiencing lower levels rather than the UK.
  14. They were getting to breaking point before lockdown. Hence why lockdown was introduced. If we returned to normal there would very likely be the same outcome again. Factor into that people coming down with other illnesses over the Christmas period and the health service wouldn’t be able to cope! If the UK government were quicker to act. Especially on people flying into the country, then we could have contained the virus much quicker and had a much smaller impact on the economy. You would think with being an island it would have been easier, but apparently not. Hopefully lessons have
  15. I agree to an extent with many of the points. However, if all measures were taken away and things could carry on as normal then the chances are the hospitals would be overloaded with COVID patients which would then cause a knock on effect with all other procedures etc.

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