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  1. We have Burke, McKenzie, Kiltie and Pinnock now who can all play out wide and would probably be ahead of Thomas. Hopefully frees up some wages for positions we need. A couple of GK’s and defenders soon and the squad is looking decent.
  2. I think the club were absolutely right in waiting until they knew what the new season would be like before offering season tickets. It’s maybe left us behind some other clubs who already had season tickets on offer but morally the club have acted on the correct manner IMO.
  3. Skora11


    If they are on trial they will already be getting integrated with the squad. Hopefully one signs soon and can then play the waiting game for Bachmann.
  4. Can cover both full back positions, played at a good level and still young. Hopefully get this one over the line and get a goalkeeper and centre half in and the squad is starting to take shape.
  5. Skora11


    Only possible issue I could see with this, is that if we are playing quite a few trialist's it would give other clubs more chance of watching how the perform via the clubs channel.
  6. There seems to have been a fair bit of content recently with players back training.
  7. I stand corrected. No coincidence that signings start to appear now our chief scout has returned!
  8. Played plenty of games in League 1 last season after making step up from Conference. Happy with that signing, not even craigieboy predicted this one.
  9. Skora11

    Club Shop

    Club has had a bit of shocker here. Although can't really blame them for the sponsors on training gear and on the back of the top.
  10. That is Motherwell’s cheapest tickets in comparison to our most expensive. So not exactly a fair comparison.
  11. Is their main stand their cheapest option? I would say our family season ticket for the moffat would be the best value.
  12. Skora11

    Club Shop

    Also the issue of Covid. Don’t think any club have got the strips ready to sell. Some have started pre-orders though.
  13. Nothing more than a hunch, but reckon Danny Rogers will sign early next week.
  14. Who are all the other teams that have signed half a dozen players?

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