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  1. Skora11

    Scott Brown

    I think Broony seems very under-rated by many just because the way he goes on at times. I personally think he would have been more than capable of playing for a top half Premier League team.
  2. Skora11

    Phyllis McLeish

    Good luck to her, maybe the hold up getting the TiK member on the board was due to this and getting it sorted out first.
  3. Skora11

    Season tickets

    Yes but could easily compare how many were sold first week of going on sale.
  4. Skora11

    Season tickets

    What would people be happy with %age wise with increase in ST sales?
  5. Skora11

    Season tickets

    Aye passed the 1000 mark at the weekend, wonder how much up on the same stage last year it is.
  6. Skora11

    Steven Gerard

    Whether or not it is a good appointment remains to be seen. However, one thing for certain is it will raise the profile and media attention of the Scottish game. Which can only be a good thing IMO.
  7. Skora11

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    Does anyone know how many Family tickets were taken up in the East Stand last season? Be interesting to see how many choose the Moffat.
  8. Skora11

    Second Place?

    We would really have to win all 5 for any chance of that and I just can't see it. Even for fourth we are hoping for HIbs to go on a poor run and for us to still win 3/4 of them. IF we can beat Aberdeen at home and then Celtic do us a favour at Easter Road then we go there with a great chance of putting pressure on them for the final European spot. Even if we don't win again for the rest of the season it has been a great run. Let's just hope we can finish on a high!
  9. Skora11

    Cup Semi-Finals

    If we are in 4th when the Scottish Cup final takes place then I'll definitely be wanting Celtic to win! If not then I hope Motherwell beat them.
  10. Skora11

    Pass, pass, pass, pass

    The greatest ever English side haven’t really done anything special all things considered...
  11. Skora11

    Ronaldo's Penalty.

    It’s a definite penalty, Benatia has two hands on his back and it’s probably why he hasn’t just stuck it in the net as he was off balance. Can’t honeslty believe people don’t think that’s a penalty, he’s came in from behind and took the guy out! Ronaldo’s penalty was different class, but his leap to win the ball and knock it back in to Vasquez to initially win the penalty was just as important. He must be the best player aerial wise when attacking the ball in the opponents box. Will always remember that header against Roma in the CL, he is absolutely un-playable.
  12. Skora11

    TIK Funding Update #7

    Think you've compared wrong numbers, up 19 subscribers since last update by the looks of it.
  13. Skora11

    Steve Clarke-- "I am happy at Kilmarnock"

    Not realistic when it comes to increasing crowds though.
  14. Skora11

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Also ST holders that didn't buy their seats won't be sold. So not quite sold out in both stands, but a great effort.
  15. Skora11


    There are quite a few new faces in the squad this time to be fair.

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