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  1. kilMARKnock

    On this day but who would play on Saturday - Volume 1

    Snap, was pleased when Ian got a big move, I was dating a girl from Kilwinning whose two younger cousins both played for the 15s at that time, went down regularly as a result of that at the time. (Dirty weekend) Was there at the end of last season and did intend to head over, Stella won that night and I'm sure i missed 7 goals in a 4-3 defeat. Great club that despite West Hams cheating and the result of that have played within their means even if far too long was spent in League 1. Brilliant season last year in what we know is one of the most competitive leagues in the world.(parachute payments the exception, mind you the owners seem to have been sweeping those up in recent years)
  2. kilMARKnock


    They are certainly better than those pricks from the Bigot Bros!
  3. kilMARKnock

    Woodgrove Bus - Easter Road 15/9/18

    Well done Michael, hope its a great day for all!
  4. kilMARKnock

    Guaranteed a start?

    No one! Trust in SSC
  5. kilMARKnock

    Hibs & Celtic

    I hope we can all agree we will be fine, let's enjoy the times we have with SSC and all make sure we carry it on together
  6. kilMARKnock


    Are we really surprised though. Disgusting decision but expected,.
  7. kilMARKnock


    Too f**king right I would have
  8. kilMARKnock

    Sevco Tickets

    Thanks for that fantastic insight, I'll add you to the list
  9. kilMARKnock

    Sevco Tickets

    So how does this ignore button work, this is getting f**king boring...
  10. Was told he was up in Newton Mearns looking at a couple of houses today.
  11. Hearing Mulumbu is coming back next week for training
  12. kilMARKnock

    Livi Match Fred

    Vipleague has it listed so fingers crossed
  13. kilMARKnock

    Hospitality box

    This, give the sports bar and park suite back to the supporters. Might even invite Hugh Scott down to open it with his minders..............
  14. Could be right, fish, steak or pasta for tea?
  15. kilMARKnock

    Birthdays v Queens Park

    Happy retirement to Jim Clegg from Mark, Dale and Andy.

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