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  1. Well that makes a hell of a lot more sense then! Hopefully a hooky stream for you to enjoy.
  2. And watching your team 20 miles up the road (you may be on the moon obviously for all I know) that doesn't involve a visit to one of the Bigot Brothers is not something that you would want to do. "Giving money to the opposition", really???
  3. Strange choice, how do you spend your hard earned for entertainment?
  4. There may be a few of us in there too, that's our rendevouz.
  5. Jolly's this time round as couldn't get in at The Fisherman's. Fort still has availability for the game but think everyone too scared for another night away as gave them a list of courses I could have got for Saturday morning but no takers sadly.
  6. Had a couple of Golf weekends in the last 2 months based in The Ferry. Great place and very friendly locals 😊
  7. For a change I think we would all have agreed with a more asterisk ridden description. Absolute f**king vermin, hope they are all tucked up in their lodge whilst we all go about our business. On that business, similar route for us up GWR and Maryhill Rd and then down Byres Rd after the match.
  8. I'm far from happy at the insinuation and having seen far worse run quite disappointed in the deletion also.
  9. CB, please PM me to explain why you think my lover is another member of this forum. Their sexuality is not of my concern but as a moderator you just got more than personal.
  10. Had a look but can't see anything, anyone else see a stream?
  11. f**k that’s a blast from my youth, will have a look.
  12. Sadly I do feel myself agreeing with this more than I want to. Then again with some of the pish in the 80s we had to suffer a top flight 4th choice striker may well indeed be a salivating prospect. We are where we are for a reason and shopping in the bargain basement because of recent choices and results. We need to get behind TW and anyone he chooses to wear the stripes to get us back out of this mess not constantly pour scorn on every decision that is being made. I remember the last few year's under the Lauchlan's, we have a long way to go before we are in that sort of mess again.