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  1. Jamzz1983

    Jordan jones

    Needs dropped. Totally anonymous for large periods today. Enobakhare came on and looked eager, would like to see him start the next few games. Hopefully give jones the boot up the arse that he needs.
  2. Jamzz1983

    Kris Boyd on Sky

    Playing simply the best on piano at the end of tonight's spfl matters! Oh dear.
  3. Jamzz1983

    McCulloch transfer target?

    If this is a loan then it is depressing. Loans should be 1st team players (eremenko/ajer) not back up as that needs to be killie youngsters!
  4. Jamzz1983

    25 years

    The 94 hibs game brings back great memories. I was only 10 and still mind it clear as day. Seem to remember playing morton in the league cup near the beginning of that season (2-1?) and thinking how great it was that we were one of the big teams. Never thought it would've lasted this long. Sadly I'm one of they fans that's kinda lost interest and only manage 6 or 7 games a season. Shame we have went from taking 6000 to an away game to having nearly half that at home for a game that secures top flight fitba.

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