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  1. Brophy has scored 11/11 pens, dont think many keepers would be providing that stat. As others have mentioned - how often has he been playing up front on his own? I think folk are being incredibly harsh on him.
  2. Pens or not, this is a ridiculous comment. Comparatively to strikers in recent years (K Boyd apart), Brophy isnt bad at all.
  3. A comfortable day for Aberdeen until about 75 mins in. We suddenly thought about scoring. Millen and Waters dont look good against the better teams in the league. RB looking particularly hard to get a starter. Poor day for Kabamba and Brophy. Dicker is done. Need to start to build a midfield around Kiltie.
  4. Brophy and Kabamba spending too much of the game facing their own goal. Kilite being the only one fro Midfield whos willing to get forward doesnt help that.
  5. Good work by Kiltie for Waters to do hee haw with it. The gap between the midfield and strikers looks massive at the moment.
  6. Not sure where Millen was there. Poor from us defensively.
  7. Feel its a must win here tomorrow. Momentum and confidence booster required!
  8. Gav could do with letting play develop before commenting. Couple of times weve heard “great ball...great play...” when the ball then goes out. Understand hes doing it for radio as well but letting play develop would be good.
  9. Its games like this we are crying out for a link between midfield and Kabamba. Got away with the long ball agaisnt Celtic but struggling to get much going here now.
  10. Lennon giving his team 4 days off after 1 game is a strange call - and apparently this is when he went to Spain. As mus as i love a dig at Celtic, can help but think theyll be seething at this. Its significantly worse than the Aberdeen case IMO and shines a real embarrassing light on the league, and specifically Celtic. Would be surprised if he wasnt chopped for gross misconduct.
  11. Absolutely. Previously he had a tendency to get lost or look like he was floating about waiting for full time. This time he looks more focused and disciplined. Great to see and hope he can build on it.
  12. Id have Branescu back in a second given the current options.
  13. Poor from Broadfoot but that strike doesnt warrant a goal at any level from that distance. Shambles from Rogers.
  14. It can be whatever it wants written down. Itll always be known as Rugby Park.

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