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  1. KennyH80

    Club Shop

    It shouldn't, but the fact it even got launched suggests otherwise.
  2. KennyH80

    Club Shop

    Ive messaged the club through facebook about my feedback on the new club shop- theyve swiftly replied saying the message will be passed on. Hopefully it does. Would be nice to have a decent online shop.
  3. KennyH80

    Club Shop

    I cant see how hard work to "take retail operation back" could be considered a success. Im struggling to find how any media/director team would feel this is an acceptable way to broadcast and advertise our brand. A complete lack of professionalism in every area of the new club shop and its all rather embarrassing.
  4. KennyH80

    Club Shop

    working now but im not sure how happy Hummel will be with the training gear on Nike mannequins. We really dont help ourselves sometimes.
  5. KennyH80

    Club Shop

    Makes a mockery of setting a date and time for it to then fall on its arse.
  6. I think this is exactly what we are doing, however having a backup thats capable of stepping up is critical. Look at Koprivec last season, should never have been in the squad but was the only option we had.
  7. KennyH80


    Id like to think we were in pole position if he was coming to Scotland and would love to see him back. Stranger things have happened though, so wouldn't be surprised to see him elsewhere.
  8. There should be plenty of blue in the home kit to differentiate with another striped/hooped team i think. Especially if the home kit has blue shorts.
  9. Now theres clarity on Alexs position it gives him a chance to make the job his own. Before it was all a bit in limbo. Sounds like between Dyer and Fowler theyre doing a lot surrounding recruitment and hopefully thats proved with more additions on top of McGowan. Positive so far.
  10. While the access to these is great for County, its not really their infrastructure. The pitches are all council owned i believe. There's also no a chance its a full size indoor pitch.
  11. Everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion regarding any strip release. There are threads on here which show other teams and some are rightly praised while others are rightfully slaughtered. I was in the "sponsors a bit big" category, which is a more than acceptable statement to make. However it doesn't remove the fact i appreciate the effort and support from Brownings with the strips. Personal abuse aimed at anyone supporting the club isn't on.
  12. A great servant for his time and wish him luck. Feel the timing is right but would prefer we had a permanent number 1. Like a few areas its up in the air just now.
  13. My mate who worked for the club as a physio in 2018 is selling this shirt he got from the team. Said id post on here to help with some interest. Happy bidding. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/491509694921767/
  14. Like the design but would prefer the sleeves white rather than blue.
  15. The stand out loan player by a mile this year. Proper Italian defender and wouldn't be surprised to see him kick on.

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