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  1. The penalty save at Ibrox that led to Burkeys equaliser was the catalyst for everything that happened over the next 20 months, the scenes in our section from that night were unforgettable. All the Best Jamie
  2. Gaffer


    Cant believe this argument about how good AA was still being trotted out. He came in with a cracking CV as a coach and assistant manager but it never materialised into being a Manager He was not a Leader, his contacts who were going to loan us players never materialised in any numbers or quality except Del Fabro. Niko was also ok at first, the rest of what he brought in was crap. He was a dead man walking after the Europe fiasco, rightly so. Alex Dyer is our Manager now if he fails he will be out the door but FFS give the man a chance, he inherited a s**t show and I agree at times since taking over it has also been s**t. I was at St. Mirren away at Christmas and it was awful and AD looked out his depth but I was also at Livingston away a few weeks earlier and it was also awful, AA looked lost and that was after he had 5 months to stamp his authority on his team. Given time and backing from The Club and Supporters I'm confident in AD going forward, not all good managers start out with an impressive CV, some start out at unfashionable Clubs and build a legacy maybe we have found our man to build that here.
  3. Gaffer

    Ground share

    Not sure how I would feel about it, might make some financial sense, but cant see why St Mirren with a newish purpose built stadium with a realistic capacity and all the infrastructure there would be one of the Clubs looking to share
  4. Tynecastle is one of the best away days we get and they usually bring a good support to RP. If they are relegated and to be fair they have been awful all season, it will be deserved but no one coming up is going to come anywhere near the support they have, leaving another financial hole to be filled.
  5. Gaffer

    Biggest Coup

    Immediately thought Tommy Burns but Stevie Clarke was also a huge influence on us, cant split them to be honest. Both raised our profile massively.
  6. Gaffer

    How it ends

    Whole thing stinks, cant see Doncaster surviving this one. Amazing that someone who has messed up so many times is still in a job.
  7. We dont need summer football aye it's cold n wet here in the winter but so is the summer. I dont like change like most football fans I'm a creature of habit, once this horrible time is over get everything back to normal asap. I like football under the lights and freezing ma baws off before celebrating a home win with 8 pints or so and a walk home in the dark.
  8. Gaffer

    Let it go!

    Hearts home and away, the late draw away to Hibs were highlights of Angelo's time. For the most part the football / system on offer was brutal. Was clear for all to see at Livingston his time was up. The reasons and rights and wrongs have been talked to death on here. Let it go !
  9. Good luck to the boy could this be the start of a golden era of Scottish football players ? with Liam at City and Billy Gilmour doing so well at Chelsea.
  10. Would hope we at least have a decent sell on clause or first team appearances clause added to the deal. Septic really are a shower of tight xxxxx
  11. What you hear ? Not a Club record then as spouted previously ?
  12. Would be surprised if they could afford him. We could offer him an improved contract and make him captain next season, I think he would stay if offered the right deal benefiting Stuart and the Club .Then sell in a year or two for serious money to a big English club.
  13. I never said he was unluck, actually said results have not been good enough. But let's say we win the next 4 on the bounce will it still be absolutely not ? its unlikely but you never know. We did win 3 in a row including against Sevco which i rather enjoyed. Do you want him punted right now today ? For me it's about survival this season which is probably a s**t attitude but I would take 8th now if I could. 2 victories should see us there anymore would be welcome.

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