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  1. 2nd Best all night but we take the point and move on, top of the League let's stay there a long way to go but we are doing alright. We dug out a point we didn't deserve that might be huge come the end of the season.
  2. Having some game again tonight a real Warrior
  3. Has it been announced what our allocation for next Sunday is and when the tickets go on sale ? Will it be e-tickets again ? That'll probably be the way from now on.
  4. Just got our 3, been relocated from FB to the Moffat, all together though. They must be working late, it's been a drag waiting all day but just looking forward to the game now.
  5. Hearts away please love a day out to Tynecastle
  6. I gave up half way through whats your point ? Can tennis fans do tests prior to events that football fans can't ? It's all bollocks anyway we have had restrictions for 16 months, 80% of the country are vaccinated supposedly ! Yet the Daily and weekly cases keep rising. Should we all just hide in the house forever ? And by the way I have lost 2 close friends to Covid one 49 one 59 so I know the impact it has had. But these restrictions are strangling out of life as we know it. AS someone said on another thread if you want to go to the football go if you don't then don't but stop dictating to us how we live our life. All that's required is some common sense.
  7. Two of my employees were at Murrayfield last weekend at the Rugby and according to them it was a shambles. Police closed the bars and food outlets due to the chaos. But that's ok for the rugger chaps to behave like that ! Class bias indeed. Our football clubs need to unite and challenge why these daft rules are being imposed on us while other sports and pursuits are enjoying greater freedom. Has anyone seen the tennis this past week ? Not much social distancing going on there.
  8. Just renewed x 3 was easy process no fuss. Just want to get back to RP and return to some normality now asap.
  9. Congratulations great bit of news
  10. Oh dear what nonsense, there was absolutely no evidence the Alex Dyer would have kept us up. As said many times he should've been gone long before he was shown the door, then TW would probably have saved us with a window to work with.
  11. Naismith ok , Doyle just No, why would anybody want this guy near there football club in any capacity. Got to be a wind up. Crap though we were last season with a reasonable quality goalie we probably wouldn't have been relegated.
  12. Yes but we hadn't just been relegated or endured the worst season in a generation. I was guilty of clinging onto the hope that somehow Stevie Clarkes Assistant and some of his squad could bring us success. As we all know it was a f**king disaster and for that reason alone I wouldn't have GS back or anyone from that time. We need to move on and let TW build his own team and mould them into a successful team. Good though he was for a few months for us GS couldn't be described as an exceptional player, in fact the only manager to get him playing regularly at any great level was SSC