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  1. All ifs and maybes but if we had beaten St Johnstone we would be in 3rd place now. Without that red card for Millen thats where we would be after today's game.
  2. 4 nil home win goin to enjoy my Saturday night. Excellent feeling. Upwards and onwards Killie
  3. No excuses its been a poor start im as pissed off as you. Another weekend ruined, but do you really want him gone now ?
  4. For f**k sake this thread is a disgrace Alex Dyer is our manager its been a poor start yes but surely as supporters we can back the man to turn it round, we beat ourselves against RC and St Johnstone and should have had another 5 points never mind the goalie f**k up at Hibs. i know we didn't get the points but come on cut the man some slack If there has been no improvement in the next 3 or 4 games fair enough but get a f**king grip just now.
  5. I would say you've nailed it there.
  6. f**king criminal row z for that clearance and we get a point. Whats that got to do with the manager, thats basic defending Sunday League and boys / girls teams everyone knows that. Unbelievable that a professional football player didn't clear that.
  7. Can't get logged in very frustrating tried smart TV and computer. Although I managed to log in this morning on computer. Going to give up and just listen to radio
  8. Well thats a slap in the face, hardly the Big move he was after.
  9. Brophys not in tonights squad
  10. Both Celtic and Aberdeen should be punished by points deduction and financial penalties also. There players lack of discipline and both Club's inability too manage them have jeopardised the whole season and put others at risk, not least our own players and staff.