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  1. Would you have the same chance for each game or would it be, if you were lucky to be chosen to attend, that's your turn over?
  2. Sure I remember something about the Dundonald Road end being more sheltered. Wind and rain more likely to blow into the Chadwick Stand.
  3. Does anyone think the first Glasgow derby will be played behind closed doors? Or is it more likely the SPL will the hold it back as late as possible so the supporters can get in? This would be unfair to other teams, if walk-ups were allowed, giving one of the sisters access to additional cash income. Just using them as an example as, sadly, they would attract a bigger crowd.
  4. Same here. Looked back at last years purchase via TicketCo, and the dates said 18th April 2019 to 31st October 2019, and all worked out okay.
  5. Raymond Montgomerie - Beautiful Sunday
  6. Same here, home top ordered, but stock on website was wrong.
  7. Until the official club face masks become available I will just have to make do with this one.......
  8. Looks like a story has been created to fit the evidence, and the press failed to ask the right questions! Why couldn't his wife drive? Was it a coincidence there was a family celebration (? mum's birthday) when he first got to Durham? Was it a coincidence that it was his wife's birthday when he did his eye test drive? How convienient is it that neither he nor Boris can't remember discussing what he did?
  9. Just a coincidence that the trip was on his wife's birthday
  10. E-mailed club yesterday to make sure all was okay with application and they confirmed it was. Just a case of waiting for the certificate to be printed, signed and then sent out. No timescale for that at present.
  11. Agreed. Ordered some custom ones for myself before these were announced. Will still buy an official one but club could be losing out, and that means less money for Crosshouse.
  12. Same here. Will try Greg2208's approach to make sure all is okay with my application.
  13. McGivern and Blair Millar were my favourite combination up front from my early days following Killie. Had been to Killie games as a youngster in the 70's, but following them seriously, home and away, came about when Eddie Morrison became boss.