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  1. Did someone say recently that Falkirk set up their own camers at RP for their fans? Can't we do the same away from home. International subscription not worth the money so far this season.
  2. Have we shelved the original development plans? The work that has been done so far, the shop and the memorial garden, doesn't match what can be seen on the planning apllication on EAC's website. 🤔
  3. Was there a 4th Official today? Couldn"t see anyone, tbought it was maybe a lower league thing.
  4. The Billy Dodds masterplan today was get in our faces and foul anyone who is a threat to them. We made them look good today.
  5. Known Coby for years, (both worked for NHS Ayrshire & Arran), but not spoken to him in a while. Always had great stories to tell. Club seem to be gradually getting rid of those who worked in a voluntary capacity, guys who had a history with the club and the fans. A strange decision. 🤔
  6. Unfortunately the international subscription doesn't look like being worth it this season. Ultimately more money lost to the club.
  7. Scene of Killie's quickest ever goal? Peter Curran, 7 seconds
  8. My comment was in respect of cup wins, based on the level of consistency we would have to maintain to win the league, as opposed to 5 wins in the cup. The SC season, and finishing 3rd, will always be a special memory.
  9. This could be the best league for entertaiment this year. Goals a plenty. To finish top would eclipse any of our recent cup wins. 'mon the Killie
  10. Tried this today, on Samsung tablet, worked great. 1st time ever without buffering.
  11. Just on, someone forget to flip the switch?
  12. Did I hear Gav Wallace saying 2 strikers to come in before the Ayr gane?
  13. Some people deserve a second chance. Some crimes are unforgivable. He absolutely falls into the second category.
  14. Would we get away with 2,000 seated and still use the standing areas to get some more in? (2,000 seated and 1,000 standing permitted)
  15. TOMMY WRIGHT has revealed Chris Burke snubbed the chance to join his coaching staff so he could focus on helping Kilmarnock to promotion. The Rugby Park boss was keen to add the 37-year-old to his backroom team for their first season back in the Championship since season 1992/93 But Wright says the winger - who signed a new playing deal last week - wanted to put all his attention on his own game. Burke had other offers from Premiership sides to continue in the top flight and Wright reckons it’s a coup for Killie to keep hold of the former Scotland international. He said: “We spoke to Chris before the end of the season about things. We wanted to find out what he wanted to do. “We spoke about a player/coach role for him but he said he wanted to just continue playing right now. “We gave him some breathing space to think things over about what he wanted to do. “I know some other clubs spoke to him but he came back to us saying that he wanted to stay. “I have so much respect for Burkey and I think the fact he has stayed shows how much affection he has for Kilmarnock. “One thing he said was that he loves coming to work every day. The last 12 months have been tough but he still wanted to be here. “I am really pleased he is staying with us.” Although he might not officially be a coach, Wright believes Burke will take new team-mates Fraser Murray and Dan Armstrong under his wing. He added: “You look at what he can contribute on the park for us but we have two young wide players in Dan and Fraser - and there is no better player to learn from than Burkey. “People who know me know that I will always be honest with people and I think Burkey respected that. Sometimes people don’t like when you are honest with them but I think that’s the best way to be. “I think how this has been handled shows the respect I have for Burkey and he has for me.” https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7329303/chris-burke-snub-kilmarnock-player-coach-role-wright/ Tommy Wright quoted in a dodgy newspaper saying he wanted Burke to join his coaching team, but he said he wants to concentrate in playing.
  16. Officially staying. On the club website.
  17. Hope our spell in the Championship doesn't hurt his Trinadad & Tobago chances.
  18. My memory is the access roads to the M77 were judged not to be suitable by EAC. Conincidentaly, I also seem to remember that EAC's planning dept had a hand in the design and planning of the access routes.
  19. Can we have the chevrons pointing up please?
  20. Dylan not a fan of the Fow?
  21. If players really are happy to see the back of Mulumbu, then surely we should see an improvement on Monday night.