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  1. Felt it would help with my recovery. I was wrong, gutted.
  2. Will I have to go to the dark web to get the highlights?
  3. none of that sounds good, I will wait till i see. thanks
  4. highlights on tonight?
  5. Well done Killie, Chris Burke you are up there with some of our best, well done.
  6. Did not know that he had injury issues. thanks
  7. Who is our third keeper? Larry is a nutter decent at one on ones and terrible at everything else? Koprevic(whatever) has weak wrists and is slightly better at crosses than Larry which would not be hard. I suppose macdonald is better but still gonna leak an "easy" goal every weak just because he is a bit slower than he was. New or who is third?
  8. Well done Killie . NEW GOALIE please
  9. I kinda like Larry if he wasn't our keeper.
  10. Hopefully we can see this out despite the keeper.

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