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  1. Scooter

    PM BoJo

    Wee Murray another typical BritNat who's absolutely desperate to keep control of what happens in Scotland, Wales and NI at Westminster, even if it's perpetual Tory s**thousery ...far more concerned about attacking the Scottish Government than his Tory pals in London. A glaring example of why the branch office is now an irrelevance in Scotland.
  2. Scooter

    PM BoJo

    Whatever happens now, the mask is off! They're there for the most selfish and self-interested of reasons. Deny the truth and you can get a gig in the Cabinet, tell the truth you're out on your ear. The scene was set months ago when Tory so-called 'grandees' lost the whip. 2 months it took for Philip Hammond to go from Chancellor of the Exchequer to being deselected by his own constituency party. And now we're left with the spineless Gavin Williamson, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Mart Hancock, people who will sacrifice integrity for career advancement. They know they lie. We know they lie. They know we know they lie. The only mystery left is how long people will put up with them and their lies!?
  3. That is sage advice; we will need them till we won't need them, then we won't need them. But do we really need them or do we just want them?
  4. The app will not be on my phone ...isn't that right Alexa?
  5. Scooter


    There's talk that Bozo went over the heads of government scientists to change the "Stay at home" slogan to "Stay alert" after he realised Cummings had broken the lockdown message and didn’t 'stay home'. He knew one day he’d have to defend him at the podium. PR instead of public health!
  6. Scooter


    Been reported that Cumming's wife, Mary Wakefield wrote in The Spectator that when he fell ill on March 28, he couldn’t get out of bed for 10 days. But in his statement yesterday Cummings said he drove to hospital to collect his son on April 3. Curiouser and curiouser.
  7. A 4 day week? Am not working more days for anybody!
  8. Scooter


    Went for a 30 mile test drive!? FFS the lies and complete lack of contrition is unacceptable! This guy shouldn't be the story but suppose it must be better than counting the bodies.
  9. Scooter


    This is it, a lot of people have been gas lit to look 'down' at the poorest instead of looking 'up' at what the richest get away with.
  10. Scooter


    Everything this Leave Government touches turns to DUNG!
  11. The biggest in the UK, HC One is based in Jersey, but the company seems to have a complex corporate structure, with the ultimate owner based in the Cayman Islands, the dubiously sounding FC Skyfall LP. It's hard to believe their first priority is the folk that they care for and the carers that work for them.
  12. Scooter


    What compromat has PM-unelect Cummings got on bumbling Bozo? Or is just that the imbeciles in the Cabinet would have nothing without him? It's the relentless double-standards, the rule-breaking and the continual manipulation, misdirection and straight-up bulls**t that people object to. Baffling that some 'still' don't seem to mind being treated with utter contempt by these lying charlatans.
  13. Apparently wee Nicky doesn't even have the powers to cancel a football calendar unless she get permission from the nation, they skweam and skweam and skweam until they are sick! And they can!

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