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  1. Suarez made 24 passes against Bayern ...9 of those were from kick-offs!
  2. Spoke with him a couple of times at Stonehouse Bowling Club, nice chap in his dotage.
  3. Unless he she changes the branch office tune, they'll be pretty irrelevant on the Indy Forum!
  4. Definitely been a bit of a breakthrough week with the scales falling from some people’s eyes regarding this Scottish Government. 
  5. I often wonder how a Christian country would deal with desperate folk who need help.....
  6. Can you imagine any Westminster politician from the last 40 years owning up to getting it wrong and trying to rectify the situation as soon as possible?
  7. We didn't, but it now looks like we're relying on France to take back control of our borders!
  8. Haha, such a swerve off topic, you might get whip lash there old boy! Just a quick look over the 1998 squad shows 3 players were born outside France, the rest of the squad must've been s**te without them!
  9. Hhmmm, I think you'll find Zidane was born in La Castellane, near Marseille, which makes him French, not an immigrant. Maybe it's his skin colour that's confusing you?
  10. I would've thought the financial manta, "past performance is no guarantee of future results" would hold, in that performance through the year is no guarantee of exam success. So either the exams we've relied on all these years are wrong or the one-off predicted grading is wrong. Hhhmmmmmm. If results could be predicted so easily, we'd all be squillionaires!
  11. Was it you that said 'all lives matter'? That was short lived!
  12. Don't have to, it's already happened!
  13. Opportunity. Why do folk move anywhere but for the chance of a better life? Folk have went to London for hundreds of years because 'the streets are paved with gold'. I know a plumber and a tiler who travel up and down to London every week cause that's where the work is. They could be classed as economic migrants too, but they're white and travel in a transit instead of a dinghy.
  14. You're on the wind-up here, there's never a single word against Westminster and how would they get SNPbad into that?

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