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  1. Even so-called 'socialists' were terrified of Corbyn and his 'istas ...work that one out! πŸ˜† An example of the Nu-Labour 'I'm alright, Jim' effect.
  2. MarΓ­a Mendiola, 69, legendary Baccara singer ...Yes Sir, She Could Boogie! Black arm bands for the Israel game?
  3. Get involved, yo! Williams doesn't appear till third episode of the first season, but plays it brilliantly as a notorious stick-up man with morals. The whole Wire thing is brilliant if a bit dated now.
  4. Can you hum it? 🀣 Google or SoundHound could help you out.
  5. Original cast member Andy Michael has died as well, at the age of 61. Sitting watching the telly doesn't do you any good! πŸ˜…
  6. Lee β€œScratch” Perry, 85, reggae legend.
  7. So, 'socialist' so-called 'Labour' are still kicking out those who believe in actual socialism! Anybody that's still in, or still supports Keith Starmer's Labour Party is completely unscrupulous or just a fool. One by one by one by one, the one's with principle are all being politically eliminated, and still you've got people hanging on there, for what, they never ever explain. Authoritarian? Ye couldnae make it up.
  8. Off-topic whataboutery! Who's favourite go-to is that, I wonder? πŸ€” πŸ˜‚
  9. Scooter


    Farmers screwed, fishing industry screwed, NHS screwed, HGV deliveries screwed, freedom of movement gone, import duties up, Erasmus scheme gone, Northern Ireland totally screwed, peace process on the edge, travel visa charges on the horizon, roaming charges back... ...what are the benefits again?
  10. Why would it possibly bother someone, what another person chooses to wear on a t-shirt? πŸ€” ...one that helps raise money for the Trust, at that!
  11. Would be good, eh? Been following 3 Pegasus Quantum 15-12 ultralight flying trikes that flew across my back door and around Ayrshire. Wondering if there's somewhere you can get a flight in one, if anyone knows...?
  12. One of those old celebs I thought had died years ago! 😊
  13. Classic old skool... πŸ™
  14. I would say it's an accusation slung around by a lot of unionists, and definitely by the one who's post got this hived off from the other thread. All together now, "it's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming, football's coming home!" 🀣