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  1. Reports from the Saints games seem to be that the midfield are just kicking people. Maybe that battle in mind in keeping the three in midfield. If Pinnock gets close to Kabamba and we play further forward like the second half v County I can see that lineup doing the job.
  2. Not sure. I don't bear him any ill will. Took a chance on more money that he would likely have got if it wasn't for everything going on.
  3. Reckon SoD got caught out by covid and clubs in England cutting back. Word was that he was asking way too much for a few of the clubs down there. Suspect we might have had him back if we hadn't replaced so quickly.
  4. Frustration tonight is that we did something we seemingly couldn't under Dyer last season, changed the game and got back in front, only for an unfortunate pen to get in the way. Between that and the keeper error in the Hibs game it's so difficult to tell if things are any different this time around. Lineup on Saturday will be really interesting.
  5. Saturday is important. Good performance and a win would underline the positives and give us a good platform. First home game with a near fully fit squad and with the new players having bedded in a bit. And hopefully not a keeper chucking one in...
  6. I think it's Clarke thing. He did that a lot, and I didn't understand it then either...
  7. Unlucky not to win, much better in the second half. Better from Dyer I thought. Lots of small changes, and a change of attitude, made a huge difference at half time. Not quite there though, as others have said, subs could have made a difference. All that said, better ref and we win. And lots of good attacking play in the second half. Best St Johnstone and I think that's not a bad start to the season all told.
  8. Where was this side in the first half? A rocket from Dyer
  9. Anonymous and very slow, but has whipped in some alright looking crosses.
  10. Chance to see if Dyer has learned anything from last season. That was really, really bad after the goal. We are caught between two formations. Playing with three in the middle but Tsh is doing the el Mek job of looking lost out of position. And we are channeling anything through the centre, we are swinging balls into Kabamba who has three men on him... Waters constantly seems to be out of position or losing a man and the full backs are so deep we are out numbered when we attack. Needs changing straight away A bit worried by that half
  11. Competition for places is such a brilliant thing after basically having one starting eleven last year. Sounds like strong management in not favouring the new signings too. Promising
  12. Watched Hibs United last night and thought both looked beatable. I get the feeling Hibs are the team doing the run that we did two seasons ago and Motherwell did last season. United look fine but very ordinary. We are significantly better man for man in quite a few positions. Remains to be seen how Shankland does, but their service to him from as bad last season and likely worse this.
  13. Really struggling to get on board with this at all. Disappointing after a run of positive signings. Third choice keeper from the worst team in the league last season, behind keepers who are also horrendous, and is a keeper with a history of big blunders. Its an Osman Sow. Fingers crossed he was just let down by how horrendous everything was at Hearts and there's a decent keeper there.
  14. Given the makeup of our squad, I think a winger that can make things happen might actually be more important than a ten. Our strength is in having two of Dicker, Power and Tsh in the midfield and they are all central players. You either lose one of those or lose Brophy/Kabamba for a number ten. In an ideal world, I think a player with the attributes of Jordan Jones on the left and Kiltie as the option to change shape would be a good way forward. As you say - Stewart would be perfect.
  15. Genuinely don't particularly want points in this way, but difficult to see how it's anything other than Celtic fielding an ineligible player? In hugely dangerous circumstances at that

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