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  1. That's where you start to wonder about our scouting for sure. There was the impression those two were being offered about in that window, begging the question of why no one else was taking them
  2. Really interesting I wonder if it's a question as to whether it's a scouting thing or an issue of players not getting experience in that Premiership environment. I've got an arsenal supporting mate who had heard of Medley prior to coming to us and knew of him as someone they were quite excited about developing. I remember similarly placed Palace fans had heard similar about Pierrick. I can't find it, but I'm sure I read an article where there was a concern that English Premiership clubs were letting players get too far through their development without getting them experience outside the under 23s, and it was having a distorting effect on how they were thought of. Seems a number were coming down with a bump when they got into actual squads on loan.
  3. I think that's all spot on Be interesting to see where we stand at the end of October. Caley away at Accies, Raith and Thistle and home to Arbroath in the next
  4. Its a fair point - but I think it's always slightly different with favourites for a league/relegated teams who are seen as a scalp. Away at Easter Road last season, eg, is very different challenge to away to sides where its a bit of an event this. Run of the mill Premiership game where quality will tend to win out v Cup game feel to some of the games this season. Its not an excuse for not winning - but it's a different challenge for which we need the manager to be savvy, the signings and attitude to be right etc. With a totally new team I was expecting us to take a bit of time to get to grips with that
  5. Theres a fair gap opening up with all the draws from Dunfermline, Accies etc
  6. Craig Telfer on the Terrace podcast this week, after watching us as Thistle, made the prediction that we'll win the league, possibly even by a good few points, but also be the dullest champions ever. I wouldn't be surprised if that came to pass. The thing that I always think is lacking in the "delusional if you think we'll win" posts is any reference to the other teams. At the moment Caley look the only side even remotely likely to keep stringing results together. Don't mean there aren't plenty dangerous teams, but they all look really patchy it terms of form. Saying there's a good chance we'll win the league isn't the same as saying we're particularly good or interesting, and I think a lot of people bundle those all together.
  7. Badly worded by me - meant disappointed he didn't change the shape earlier and use the subs better.
  8. Wright pretty clear in the Killie TV interview - unhappy with the performance, said to the players if we went long ball and matched them it would be a long night so he told them to be more bold on the ball Disappointed he couldn't do more to change that as he watched the game play out. He needs to do more to get them out of that habit.
  9. Friday night, under the lights, bumper crowd, beating us would be seen as a big scalp - they played it at the pace of a cup game and you could see what it meant to their players. We should have the professionalism for that not matter, but the game felt to me like umpteen Premiership v Championship Scottish Cup ties. Edit - not to suggest we looked a Premiership side, but that I've seen plenty Premiership teams go to grounds like that and create feck all. Hearts drew nil nol there too when they were in the championship.
  10. Disappointing one. Still feel Wright doesn't have the balance quite right in terms of using the squad to its best. To me seemed a good game for Polworth and Armstrong as things went on. Drifted further out the game in the second half. I'm definitely not as concerned as others though - one goal conceded after seven games and a cracking keeper is a great base to build from with a whole new squad. Arbroath played it as a cup tie - our players need to get used to dealing with that most weeks. And our manager needs to be more proactive in allowing them to do that.
  11. Feels like the long ball is deliberate to try and stop us getting bogged down in the middle with fouls and their press, but we're winning f**k all in the air. Balance of that needs to shift a bit because we've been dangerous with the ball on the deck. Glad we've got stronger defensive players to keep us going in games like this. Thought Arbroath looked like they were tiring in the last ten minutes already there.
  12. Not sure why we're so keen to give up possession at every opportunity
  13. Shows how well Arbroath have started that you can get us to win for 13/10 on paddy power... Going to be a tough one, looking forward to it
  14. They've got a pre contract striker coming in January and Doidge got a long term injury. I think they were swithering about whether they needed him as cover or could risk it - and it seems they've decided to keep him for backup. Scott not setting the Heather alight might be part of that too