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  1. There's truth in this that the meaningless game idea might be a bit overstated - but I can think of plenty of meaningless Killie games which have been utterly dire. Always a bit of interest in seeing young guys/fringe players get a chance but you immediately lose a spark from football when both sides know there's little at stake. The six/eight split idea does concern me on that front. The money that Aberdeen and Hibs have, especially as I suspect they are about to hoover up players that others can't move for, means there's likely realistically only two spots in that top six up for grabs. It's not at all unlikely, I reckon, that you could end up a) knowing you are going to be in that bottom half before the split but also b) having teams cut adrift at the bottom so you know you aren't going down. Five /six games where six teams were fighting it out for 8-12th would be really tedious. But who knows - that setup might always through up more interest. If we were going that way I think adding another automatic relegation spot and keeping the playoff would be fun - but teams would never sign up for that.
  2. Interesting that they offered him a deal and he turned it down too.
  3. Doesn't invalidate, does put in a context. She is absolutely saying those things a) for attention and b) to make things more palatable for a conservative audience. Intent in context is everything here, so the biggest pinch of salt possible for reading those comments. We don't need to judge his life in any way shape or form - his death was an entirely avoidable act that has nothing to do with that.
  4. One of Trumps biggest fans, darling of the Alt Right, spread coronavirus conspiracy theories, quoted approvingly in the manifesto of the guy who killed all the people in the mosque in New Zealand. Last person anyone should be listening to.
  5. Really like that, great idea behind it integrating the other designs. Well done all round
  6. Some of the podcasts I've been listening to with people watching the Bundesliga closely have said the loss of home advantage is way bigger than they expected. The flipside is that the quality of the good teams seems to come through a lot more. Will be really interesting to see which sides it suits and which it doesn't here. We've often been better away from home in the last few years, could be a good thing!
  7. I think it's right that they don't speak after games because I can't see any good coming of it. The answers will be 99% "because that's what I thought from the view I had", which is a truth fans don't really want to hear. There's the odd occasion where an explanation would be good, it in those situations it would likely lead too difficulties with appeals etc. Speaking on highlights programs with the benefit of all the replays is an interesting idea, that could be interesting. But I agree it's a shame we don't hear from them - The refs on bt sport giving their opinions are always very good and that's a bit of coverage I've really liked.
  8. This is far too sensible to be true surely... Smart bit of business
  9. My my rubbish maths, if the testing does end up being 2k a week that would cover a fair chunk of the testing for each club?
  10. Drey Wright leaving St Johnstone is a good example of why I'm really, really pleased with who we've kept. No Wright and no Kennedy and the quality of that side is dropping a fair bit. Our core squad looks better with each of these announcements from other clubs. All depends on who everyone is bringing in right enough.
  11. Wish Jamie MacDonald well, hope he finds a club nearer to home. Pleased with McKenzie and Kiltie. Looking on the bright side here, perhaps seeing some of the benefit of Dyer staying on with Kitlie, having shown faith in bringing him back etc? Might not have had too many offers to be fair, but I wonder.
  12. McGowan would be a good one to get. Lawless at Livi left today too. He always looked decent.
  13. The SFA person on Sportsound said the money has more than halved what they originally thought taking it to around 2k a week. And it looks very likely that money is going to be provided by Uefa to foot some of that to all leagues everywhere because they are desperate to have European foot a in some form next season. The reason given, from what I followed was that it is now possible to buy apparatus that analyses the tests rather than paying a fee to send them off. I think this is what they've now done in England. The results would be available within an hour apparently. From what I've seen this is the model the English clubs are following. I was surprised by how many players we kept on and other clubs appear to be doing the same - that suggests to me they all have confidence in the cost of the system being manageable.
  14. Gogic and Miller both released at Accies today.
  15. Think that's right. That said, I think it would be good to have a squad where a signed up player like him was an option rather than a rotating cast of loans and Bunn types. I think other clubs in the league have done that better than us in the last few years.

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