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    That argument works both ways though. If it's not difficult, why not wait and get the right man? Not sure integration into the team is much of an issue with a keeper. Don't get me wrong, I'd expect at least a backup in this week. But I'd rather wait than get another Koprivec, especially when there's going to be a flood of keepers released in England in the next few weeks.
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    Think its more a sign of where things are at the moment. We actually have more players than some other teams in the league as things stand. Everyone is running a skeleton squad, no sense risking further injury etc. I might be far too optimistic, but I don't think signing a goalkeeper is going to be difficult in this market. I imagine any of the four or five that we've apparently looked at would come in and do absolutely fine. Don't mind them taking their time on this. I'd much rather Rogers or the boy from Fulham than us rushing into Scott Fox for example.
  3. Best of luck to him. Getting any sort of money at all is a bonus. Decisive from Dyer in mot clinging on to him too.
  4. 1750 so far as per Cathy's update today.
  5. Would be interested to know what we pay Thomas. Am I being too hopeful in imagining that its a wage that could be used to take a punt on someone who could be better but isn't likely to be any worse? Would be a good bit of business if so.
  6. Well say so long Lang, not long until Killie sign Lang?
  7. I wonder if there's a deal agreed for a few million with Rangers for Kamberi which is funding this?
  8. All sounds very promising. Are we reaching a point with Whitehall, Haunstrup, Pinnock where we are seeing a properly planned and targeted signing process at last? Fingers crossed
  9. Surely a song to chant along the lines of Panic by The Smiths is the way forward here?
  10. Glad Dyer has strengthened in that position. Encouraging
  11. Rangers and Celtic without the crowds will be very interesting.
  12. No argument at all, but my point was that side would be absolutely fine for a few games of it meant we were getting others in.
  13. What if they are playing for English Championship clubs? Or fringe Premiership players that have been recommended? Or can't travel due to quarantine? Whatever plans they had have almost certainly been massively disrupted. I know it won't be popular, but I don't think our transfer window really kicks off until the carousel properly starts with the English leagues ending. Might be proved wrong, but I suspect a lot of teams will be holding off until the latest possible point to see who's available. If we have to line up with: Rogers McGowan Broadfoot Findlay Waters Burke Dicker Power McKenzie Brophy Kabamba for a few match days while getting signings in then I think that would be fine. That's seven of the squad that finished third...
  14. Our outfield first eleven is miles stronger than St Mirren at the moment. They've only got two defenders who aren't youth players and Obika is the only real option up front who isn't pish. Motherwell got over a million pounds more than us from league position last season and will be playing in Europe. Comparison there is a bit thin. Being pessimistic after the last few windows is understandable, but we're active for Bachmann, have players in on trial and did a good job with MacGowan. The time to panic is a long way off yet in this weird window.
  15. Hibs and Dundee United - 0 signings Livingston and St Johnstone - 1 pre contract player Aberdeen - 1 player Celtic - 1 player St Mirren - 2 players Accies have signed a bunch of players I wouldn't want near us. County (uncle Roy) and Motherwell (with the funds from finishing third) the only thing ams really making moves.
  16. If the club has been beaten to a player they saw as a priority then its a concern, but I'm very wary of assuming too much behind it without knowing a bit more. From what I can see, St Mirren have basically no defence at all at the minute. If Goodwin has sold it as "come here and we'll build a defence around you" then that's a strong pitch. If we've seen him as a backup, couldn't offer him more than that and have chanced our arm and missed out then it's a shrug of the shoulders. Worth noting that McGowan spoke in glowing terms about how well the club was sold to him. The pitch has definitely been an issue with players who have injury records. There does still seem to be some advice that it's not worth the risk for persistent injuries, whether that actually has basis in fact.
  17. Interesting. He would certainly have fit the bill as an option at centre back. Wonder if he was a proper target or just one that came up when he was released...
  18. Worryingly, this also seems to be the St Mirren fans assessment of Waters... I would still hold out a bit of hope for Hamalainan in a more settled system with competition for the place. Definitely think we can do better than him, but we need backup there and could also do an awful lot worse than him ...
  19. Interesting to see Jim Goodwin say he thinks they have no chance with Gogic because of the bigger teams interested, specifically Hibs. Doesn't look likely he's one for us.
  20. Livi have the guy that was banging them in for Queens Park on trial at the moment. Worth having a look at these guys.
  21. Bachmann with Rogers as backup would be pretty much ideal going into the new season. Anotber Central midfielder doesn't seem a priority, but if he has something and fits the wage bill then fair enough.
  22. Would make sense in terms of waiting for full training before assessing. Fingers crossed.
  23. Never good news to hear. Also, someone get on the phone to big Kipre...
  24. Interesting test of our setup again if three clubs in for him. Would imagine we can offer better wages than Livi. Plastic pitch v living in Dingwall choice again perhaps...
  25. Interesting trying to gauge where other teams are. Accies have signed a player from Inverness that the Inverness fans said didn't get into their best side last year and Callachan who was rubbish at St Johnstone. That seems a step down from some of their out of contract business in the last few seasons.

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