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  1. you can always spot the ones in the home end wandering about ticket in hand trying to figure out what block theyre in. 2 suspects rocked up next to me "anyone sitting here mate", still wasnt sure if they were defo zombies, so just politely shook my head and waited. Sure enough, one of them gets the phone out and the screensaver was a selfie in a Septic top. Not a problem i just ensured the entire first half their ears were ringing with how they were scotlands shame. Close to the end of the first half the fat one turned to me and asked "is Liam Miller away back to Liverpool mate", no response was given just a knowing stare, i know what you are and ive no interest in talking to you type stare. It worked as at half time they scurried elsewhere. I am far from any type of fighter or hard man, but in those situations, your blood is boiling and would take great joy in taking your chances punching the rotten teeth out their mouth. Thats the issue for me, a Killie fan whos dealt with these f**kers all their life and after a few beers before the game ends up reacting to them sat in the home end, and they end up in bother. To be fair to the club though, the progress we've made in taking back control of the place is something we should be proud of. We should use that as momentum to then tackle them entering the home end. It was a joy walking from my usual parking spot, and not having to walk through the crowds of them pissing wherever they feel like. Genuinely felt like the police were well prepared this time round @fraz65its clear you have forgot what its like to sit through 90 mins of them in both ends spouting their bile. To suggest we give them another stand for easy money, is the type of mentality that turned away a large section of our support in the first place.
  2. Neil Lennon was always going to come out afterwards and defend Griffiths, they are cut from the same cloth Everytime the bean stained tramp does a post match interview this is all i see
  3. a thread letting people know about bus times to Dingwall -------------------------------------------------------------------------------mental health debate in 9 posts. Thats got to be some sort of record on here, at least an honourable mention at the annual forum awards
  4. right wheres the catch i find this reasonable and balance, this isnt the natural order
  5. Hibs away, the Mrs took my 2 girls Xmas shopping with her Mum to Glasgow, that left me to have a boys day with the wee man. Considered taking him to the game, hes nearly 4 and been to a couple of games but struggles to last the 90 mins. When i weighed it up in terms of £, i could take him to the rural life museum in East Kilbride, get him his lunch, a toy from the gift shop, an hour going round the museum, then a tractor ride up to the farm to see the animals and get a tour from the guide, then head home and grab him a happy meal to finish off the day. All for considerbly less than it would have cost me to travel to the game, pay us in, get something to eat and back down the road. Quite simply the away day package in Scottish football is not an attractive option for a day out with the kids. It should be, it should be a chance for the youngsters to catch the bug. If i wanted to take the 3 kids and the Mrs to an away game as a day out itd be in the hundreds for 90 mins of football. The away day is great for a group of mates to get a day out on the bevvy, and i dont mind that myself when i get the chance, so certainly not calling that down. Where clubs are missing a massive opportunity is, give families a chance to consider it as a day out and not price them out of it. They might just be turning away the long term fans of the future.
  6. i saw the title of the thread, read the first two posts and jumped to the end. To suggest Bowie needs to "step up" takes some level of ignorance. Given what we suffered under previous regimes, to where we are just now, it would appear the fair weathered supporters amongst us dont like the wind in their face. Im guessing they're the type who start wearing long johns to the fitba in October, the type who would write an email complaining that there was no vegan pies when they wanted one, and the type that haven't a clue what they are talking about. If you feel that strongly id love to be in the audience while you speak to Bowie and tell him this, lets be honest though in reality if he was stood nect to you in the boozer the level of arse licking would be on another level. Another "look at me im pure raging after the game" post. Dissapointed we didnt turn up on Saturday, if we were honest we were due a sore one from someone, the warning signs have been there, and sometimes it just happens. There was a time not to long ago we would have been rejoicing at being 5th in the league. Dont forget to put your hood up the day btw its raining quite heavily.
  7. @Mclean07 saw this and thought you’d love it enjoy your evening
  8. if you like shouting "here we here we here we f***** go" he's your man. Hes the guy who at first you think is a great laugh but after a few hours you wish he'd sit down and shut up. His recent "im a hard man" antics where he was threatning to rip someone from limb to limb have blown up in his face. There was no way he was doing a thing except running his mouth. A complete red neck.
  9. 2 weeks ago i was heading into the club shop around 10am on a Friday Morning and Gordon Smith rolled up in a wee Renault Clio, suited and booted, wondered what the rat was up too. I hope he was going in for an interview that he didnt end up being successful in. Complete melt of a man
  10. youve got a flag already mate tell the truth...full bedroom wall
  11. a copy and paste job from Parks, guys a pellet
  12. i dont think its Aberdeen i hate, i think its just McInnes, an absolute weasel of a man, no class, no scruples, and believes his own hype. How anyone can be happy with him as your gaffer is beyond me. I think id be less annoyed if he was going to the OF.

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