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  1. There’s not a lot to argue with there.
  2. its time for quaver toe to go
  3. AT Mays was on my strip as a boy and I never once pestered my Dad to take me to the travel agents. When Seriously Strong Cheese sponsored us I doubt parents were calling the club to complain their weans were up aw night having nightmares, due to them suddenly being brainwashed into eating cheese.
  4. Grants Vodka are advertised at RP anytime someone is interviewed on TV. I'm sure there's pitch side advertising as well. I have no issue with alcohol or gambling company sponsorship deals. There is an equal amount of advertising from these type of companies about enjoying either of the two responsibly. I don't believe bet365 on the front of a football shirt is going to create the next generation of gamblers anonymous. I don't believe Tennant's sponsoring the Scottish Cup creates alcoholics either.
  5. So take away alcohol and gambling companies sponsorship in football what next ? Brownings because they sell pies and cakes, and the link to obesity.
  6. I'm referring to the meeting that happened recently.
  7. I have it on very good authority that, Kenny Alexander had a meeting set up with Billy Bowie through Alan McLeish of QTS about investing in the club, and Bowie has knocked him back. I dont have the finer details of what the investment looked like etc, but the meeting 100% happened and he was knocked back. Have to ask yourself why would they be knocking back investment just as we are relegated ? I know there will be the usual "tell us your source or its sh**e", but i cant share that detail as it would have implications professionally for myself and the person who contacted me.
  8. f**k me ive got quaver fingers the day
  9. you know you didnt, typo, Thank god you're here 😉
  10. from the abysmal run we were on to taking 7 from a possible 9, got to be happy with that. Especially after that performance, Mulumbu outstanding but the link up pay with Haunstrup, McKenzie & Kiltie was a joy to watch
  11. Overall in his time at the club hes played 141 games, his PPG is 1.5, scored 11 goals 10 yellows and 4 reds if we look at his record since the SSC era, Under SSC he played 64 games, His average Points Per Game in that period was 1.81, he scored 7 goals, 5 yellows and 1 red, qualified for Europe Under Alessio he played 13 games, his PPG was 1.77 scored 1 goal and received 1 red card Under Dyer he's played 31 games, his PPG has been 1.10 scored 3 goals, 2 yellow cards and 1 red so lets compare that Greg Taylor started 131 games for us, his PPG was 1.47 s
  12. happily eating a big slice of humble pie