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  1. Sp3ckyh0td0g81


    Because they're raging that their attempts to move SSC out the hot seat and into greyskull have been outsmarted by a man with more class in his pinky than the whole of the Scottish meeja combined
  2. Sp3ckyh0td0g81

    The big fish

    His goal before the 2 yesterday can't remember who they were playing but I was listening to sports sound on the day and kept hearing "chance for Sammon" so jumped on bet365 and he was 11/1 to score stuck £3 on him and got a cheeky £33 back
  3. Sp3ckyh0td0g81

    Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    8 pages and about half of it we're arguing amongst ourselves about songs being sung we need to give this a long needed rest the boys in hospitality did give the atmosphere a kick up the arse and we can always do with that so fair play to them, it's definitely easier to do that when there's a large group of folk who've all went to the game together and had a skinful but the lads deserve credit folk that are questioning songs that are largely sung on away days possibly just don't attend away days for a variety of reason and haven't heard them, doesn't make them part time fans though personally that riles me, the arguing between us sometimes is a joke. Everyone can have a difference of opinion and that's what adds weight to the many discussions and debates on here but more often that not it just becomes name calling or the elitist attitudes flying around red cards a plenty no doubt but just ask yourself "what would SSC do" lets take this period and grab it with both hands, take all the positives we can and make sure they're celebrated properly let's get every fan loving everything about coming to RP because one day he will eventually move on as all great managers do in the game and we'll be pining for these times, remember when Mixu left ? Remember when Kenny left ? And SSC has the class to outshine those boys tenures so instead of bickering amongst ourselves and deciding who's part time, who knows whit songs and who's right and who's wrong, be happy that in a game where Madden was worse than useless we got a lucky penalty and we are through to the next round and talk about the individual performances on the park worth a mention Broadfoot and Power for me never did much wrong in what was the stuffiest game I've watched probably since the last time they time wasters pulled into town lets revel in the fact we are unbeaten in 7 now and have the Meeja falling over themselves to speak to our manager and hang on every word he says, for other teams to be talking us up for other fans talking to you about your team with a bit of the old "fair play to you" attitude, I know that's happening to me more the fact that we could possibly on the verge of something of the greatest times at our club since 2012, and why not believe that is the case as all the signs are there, more than they ever were back then remember lads We Are Killie let's try and replicate that united attitude on here and save the hair pulling for high school musical fanclub.com
  4. Sp3ckyh0td0g81

    Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Queuing for the bog and some guy coming out with a wee bottle of hand sanitizer cleaning his hands .......what's happening in the world
  5. Sp3ckyh0td0g81

    Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Graham Murty sat in the box just walked in couple of minutes ago
  6. Slabbering absolute nonsense here away up the bookies ya clown Kilmarnock's Jordan Jones 'not worth half Rangers' offer', says Ayr's Ian McCall http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42707252
  7. Sp3ckyh0td0g81

    Stevie Clarke reflects

    SSC statue due at the top of John Finnie Street any day now replacing the big clock
  8. Carlos Pena £2.7m, yaldy Joe Garner £1.56m, Defo money well spent Jordan Jones £350k no way man no chance no worth it man absolute mutants
  9. Just read this one that'll be the same pitch we took all 3 points of your lot before the break 170k now Steve.. you might still be able to afford that new pitch you were wanting so badly if you act fast. Maybe have enough left over to take Hodson on loan for a few months, if he fancies going back to such a tinpot club that is.A new fullback and some real grass? Fancy it ya dick?
  10. See Cummings comments after signing tonight I'm convinced as part of the deal Sevco write up a "quote" that he agrees can be quoted for the knuckle draggers to eat up with the same ferocity they tackle a farmfoods family size lasagne delighred to be at such a massive club, once I heard they were interested blah blah blah f**k off
  11. Sp3ckyh0td0g81

    Message for Jordon

    I hear that's big Ngoo away after a bust up in the gym ? He is hopeless anyway good riddance
  12. Sp3ckyh0td0g81

    Message for Jordon

    Woodman shouldn't be getting handed the number 1 spot so easily it's a farce Jamie must be seething
  13. SSCs facial expressions are just fantastic in the interview where he mockingly scoffs at the offer I can just imagine them spilling their kebab sauce down their NTL sponsored strips as they fly though the living room shouting at the tv about SSC being a "paip" or some other vile nonsense the man has turned us into the most reported on club in Scottish fitba on the BBC sports app today it's just Killie everywhere
  14. How does anyone know they are trialists ?

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