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  1. Fantastic post-we need some hope,some incentive,something positive to keep going with this-for me the marquee resigning of Chris Burke on season ticket relaunch day isn’t it...
  2. Gary Locke dear or dear ...response to every defeat “the boys have got to dig deeper and work harder “...insightful stuff indeed.
  3. Totally agree re Dicker he was a mile off it v Motherwell too,was obvious from the start...
  4. Laugh a minute the now-Millar and Gordon in full meltdown mode over Aberdeen v Celtic
  5. Why not have an ex Killie player as the “pundit”?
  6. Pat Bonner on fine form on BBC Sportsound...
  7. Guest on Sportsound the now talking transfer window...
  8. Sportsound on 810mw now saying Hendry and Millar may yet sign for us-just not part of Taylor deal
  9. killienice


    Was listening to Sportsound a few weeks ago and one of the “pundits” asked him about his cut..
  10. killienice


    Imagine what he trousered as Tierney’s “agent”....oh dear would be nice if he just retired.
  11. Have Septic paid up his contract ??
  12. Presume Jack Hendry -can’t expect them to spell,can you ?

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