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  1. Be interesting to see how effective he will be.
  2. Possibly what we are seeing is the top level of football coaching, how Europe elite do it. It is expected that players will deal with being fit enough and sharp enough to play. It is then upto the coach to give them the skills and tactics to win the games. Is this why scottish football isn't hitting the heights?
  3. Social media and its affect on people's mental health are closely linked. You can build somebody up or you can lead to suicidal thoughts. I see it in all ages and backgrounds. If players have free access to social media, hopefully they have access from the club to psychological support or counselling.
  4. Don't remember Rangers bleating on about wearing any particular colours during the English invasion with Woods, Roberts, Steven, Steven's and Butcher times. Suppose they didn't need to create a myth to cover for their bigoted driven plan.
  5. Traffic not bad coming in past Cochrane Inn / gateside now.
  6. That belief in self importance just screams from their behavior and attitude, " We do what we want cos we are the people". The scary thing is they believe their own hype, dangerously deluded.
  7. Do you feel that the same level of concern for club accountability was evident when fans visiting ibrox for previous euro tie got attacked and stabbed?
  8. It is crazy reading comments from some rangers fans to justify the incident with the disabled area. They basically want us to provide a dance platform for them. What a deluded bunch.
  9. I know this may place some people into complete meltdown. Could it be into September before our squad is added to fully. Does the Italian system for transfers/"loans and squad sizes not run until then?
  10. Is the home shirts back in stock at the shop?
  11. We always seem to start seasons badly. Look at recent betfred games, made st Mirren look like world beaters last season. How did their season go, how about ours? Yes, it was a huge game to hit the self destruct button in. I still believe this won't need to be a season to panic over.
  12. I share with you the concerns from the performance from the CQN game. I think the positivity that I am attempting to create in myself is built around: we are better than we showed, we can't have deteriorated to that degree. We maybe needed a fright to realise, we need a hunger to win games. I believe that some quality players can come in give us the missing pieces to make us a cohesive team of players eg. Bachman brought a confidence to the defence, mulumbu brought a creativity and belief in being able to overcome teams who pressed and intimidated. Overall, I have a belief that we can come through this shock to achieve things. Our achievements may need patience, but the building blocks are being laid, between Clarke and Alessio. I may be wrong, but I need something positive to focus upon. I need to trust that people in the game know more than I as a fan do. Killie's strength last year was built on the idea that our strength is in our unity.
  13. Think I watched the same scene play out in front of me. I am sure it mattered more in his chrome dome than watching the game. ( maybe in hindsight he had a point)
  14. I can't understand the desire to try and outdo all the other scottish clubs to be the worst of the worst. It is time now to work on trying to be positive, getting behind the team to pull it round.
  15. Used code off phone, no problems.

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