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  1. rshedden

    Right to buy

    Well this has all got a bit......weird. A few years ago when I was toiling I probably would've jumped at such an obscure offer. Mystery often tempts me. Truth is I don't fit well with companies, the last job I had with a company where I had an actual boss overseeing my work was when I was 20 - 13 years ago. Plus, I didn't even manage a 2:1 at University, which seems to be entry-level stuff for big organisations. I'm not qualified for anything in particular, I can be quite abrasive with colleagues when I think their work's s**t or they're not pulling their weight, and I lose interest quite easily when I'm not pursuing my own goals. I'd need a starting salary of £50k to even tempt me to come to the interview. 4 years ago I went to an interview for a job @ £13/k as I was so desperate to get out of my business............and I didn't get the job. My CV reads like a car crash. Still want to chuck the application on the pile with thousands of other young hopefuls?
  2. rshedden

    Right to buy

    Yeah, I'm a Walter Mitty right enough. I guess it's only you that's allowed to hint at/tell other people how well they've done in life on this forum, aye? I'll keep that in mind for the future. I think it was fairly obvious to anyone with a bit of common sense that something wasn't right with the markets in the lead up to 2007. There were plenty people calling it spot on. People choose to hear the advice of 'experts' that suits their current position. Good luck for the next few years. Hope you learned lessons from the last time.
  3. rshedden

    US Elections 2016

    She broke the law. 1000's of times. We know this. It's provable. She should be in handcuffs. She'd broken the law, then lied about it, in testimony, repeatedly. Are you suggesting that because someone's not convicted of a crime, that a crime hasn't actually taken places? Interesting. So if I steal something from your home, but you don't report it, or I'm not convicted of it, it didn't happen?!?! When the law is applied unevenly, what is the point of law at all? The message this sends out to folks is that the law is an ass, and the entire justice system is a sham. Let's see where that takes us. I suspect it won't be somewhere pretty. But as long as she speaks well and doesn't 'offend' anyone, she'll make an excellent President, eh?
  4. rshedden

    US Elections 2016

    You like your criminals as long as they've a polished veneer? As I said before, people don't vote for reality, they vote for the story they like the most. Careful what you wish for.
  5. rshedden

    Right to buy

    I sold everything, stocks, property etc. in 2006/07, before the brown stuff hit the fan. I invested in gold and started a business in 2010. That's been a far better investment than 95% of the stocks I could've picked out. I'm not concerned about my personal circumstances at all, I only worry about what I see round about me. More people have seen their disposable income (standard of living) decrease than increase over the last 8 years, which have supposedly been 'the good times'. Tell me how that bodes well for the future. You'll personally be fine, I'll be fine, but what about your children, or even your grandchildren?
  6. rshedden

    Right to buy

    Obviously that's the country's financial problems sorted then.
  7. rshedden

    US Elections 2016

    A democrat 'double-agent' trying to take advantage of the 'Never Trump' movement, if he succeeds in splitting the party is means the USA will be a one-party state for the foreseeable......with Hillary Clinton in charge. Awful.
  8. rshedden

    Right to buy

    Because so few people actually do overpay on their mortgage. They spend it on cheap plastic s**t imported from China instead. This is what the government wants you to do, it's why interest rates are so low, to encourage spending. This proves their fiscal policies have been a complete and utter failure, since in a normal economy (one that's not over-leveraged with masses of debt), people have the spare capacity to actually spend and grow it. We're addicted to debt. And it will destroy the economy. The government's doubling-down because they know we're f**ked either way.
  9. rshedden

    Right to buy

    BINGO! "No point". LOL. Are you kidding? How would lending happen in any way, shape or form without first having deposits? We have 4, maybe 5, at the absolute limit, before the UK government runs out of the ability to fund itself entirely. Go run the numbers. The real numbers, not the bulls**t ones the government has been dead wrong on for the past 7 years+. Plot a graph using private, public + corporate debt, and run it for the last 50 years. Watch what happens in the next 5. Do you believe that people much smarter than us, with more skin in the game, will only notice this once the ceiling's been hit, or before? I'm betting on the latter. And when they do, as always happens, folks panic and run for the exit. I believe we'll see that happen before the end of 2018. Might be after that, but the s**t will certainly hit the fan by 2021 at the outset.
  10. rshedden

    Right to buy

    Sometimes, if there's no obvious forward path, "doing nothing" is the right thing to come out ahead i.e. invest in nothing, put it in the bank (under the FSA limits, of course, spread across financial institutions). Who said anything about a '4-year cycles', certainly not me?! Just as well the numbers don't give a s**t about whether we agree or disagree, they just are. The human race has proven very adept at trying to evade the reality of the decisions we make, but unfortunately you can't escape the consequences of doing the same. Your 'bet' makes no sense. It certainly makes no sense to me to take you up on it. Sounds like you're baw deep in property-investment anyway, so if I were to take you up on said bet, and I was right, you wouldn't be able to afford to pay me anyway, you'd be broke! Even if you do believe in 8 year cycles, as you say, the last one was what, 2008/09? What's the year? 2016. Hmmmmmmmm...... “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” - Upton Sinclair
  11. rshedden

    US Elections 2016

    To be honest I haven't really been following the thread that closely, or been on the forum that often, just missed it is all. I've never 'supported' Trump. I'm a political anorak. I think it's a interesting development in US Politics. But if someone put a gun to my head and asked me to choose between Clinton or Trump, I'd choose Trump. Clinton should be in prison. There is a difference between what folk want to happen, and what they think will happen. I was 'backing' Trump this time last year when everyone else thought he was a no-hoper and you could get him at odds of 150/1 to be the GOP nominee. Just because I predicted it, and used rationale to explain why I thought it likely, doesn't mean I want/wanted him to be US President.
  12. rshedden

    Right to buy

    Council -housing, or the lack of it, is not the problem. Land prices are. When we stop looking at homes as an 'investment', and rather a necessity in life, somewhere to live for god's sake, then perhaps we'll actually get somewhere in terms of progress in the housing stock in this country. Free up green belt/agricultural land, let folk self-build, and watch the prices of homes plummet, making them affordable for all. It's absolutely criminal that house prices weren't included in the inflation figures in the nineties, if they were, and interest rates were adjusted accordingly, we'd never be in this godawful malinvestment mess that will eventually bring down the economy, and bankrupt pension funds. The economy has a literal 4-year mathematical limit/ceiling before a massive crash. That's the limit, but of course humans never let it get that far, we've probably less than 2 years in reality. If you're 'investing' in modern housing, I'd be tempted to get out whilst you can.
  13. rshedden

    US Elections 2016

    Silver also predicted quite confidently last year that Trump wouldn't get anywhere near the nomination. and he more or less kept predicting this, right up until Ted Cruz dropped out and Trump became the presumptive nominee for the GOP. Statistics/poling only take you so far in politics. The EU referendum highlighted this beautifully.
  14. rshedden


    Absolutely. I prefer www.homeaway.co.uk than AirBnb though, I find the ABnb site awful to use, and their added fees irritating. In my experience, it's better to use these sorts of sites if you're going somewhere during a traditional 'busy'/tourist season wherever you're headed to. Reason being that the prices don't seem to change with the popularity of the season quite as much, and so you'll get decent prices during a busy time, whereas during 'off-peak' periods dynamic-pricing models used by hotels and chains means you can get better deals there during those time/s. So, AirBnb is great for Edinburgh during the festival, but in November or February, the hotels are dying for your business and do cut-throat deals to get it. Best of both worlds.

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