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  1. Interesting that Aberdeen play us, Hibs, and Livi. Given their form at the moment, they could conceivably lose all three, pulling them right back in to the mix.
  2. Could’ve done without a replay to add to the mix!
  3. I think we’ll catch Livi. St Johnstone probably more of a threat for top 6. I do have a feeling it’ll be very close between the three of us - I think Hibs and the top 4 will pull away. Plus the post-split fixtures will be a torrid time for the 6th placed team.
  4. I’m going to be optimistic and say we go on a half decent run and finish the regular season on 43 points. Do we think that’s enough for top 6? Anyone got a record of our regular season total for the past few seasons?
  5. Haha. Happy New Year everyone. I’m going to hold on to it.
  6. Steve Clarke has agreed to return. He misses the day to day management of a club team and yearns to return to his beloved Killie. Whether he manages both Killie and Scotland, or leaves the national team altogether, he feels obliged to hold off on announcing any move until after the playoffs. As such, there is no point hiring a new, long-term manager and Alex Dyer has agreed to keep the seat warm until his mentor can return, and he can resume the AM role.
  7. Do they just show games live, or can you watch re-runs too?
  8. I’d get on board with this. Happy to put my name/signature down if we approach the club.
  9. Celtic Club in Queen Street is the only place I know of. Maybe Crown? Be good to get a few of us together for a game some day.
  10. Another Melbournite here! Anyone else a North Melbourne fan? They wear blue and white stripes, nobody supports them, they have no money and they never win anything. Seemed like a natural choice somehow!