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  1. Blackislekillie

    Aw naw.......

    Brendan Rodgers?
  2. Blackislekillie

    Adam Frizzell

    Bring him home. Great wee player.
  3. Blackislekillie

    Rangers away, Fred

  4. Blackislekillie

    The Bleakest Novel I've Ever Read

    Occupied City is heavy going. Almost gave up on it.
  5. Blackislekillie


    I was hoping to save the 7 pound and get a lift ower.
  6. Blackislekillie


    I see the richest club in the country are still punting restricted view seats at extortionate prices. Warrants a points deduction for the start of next season IMO.
  7. Blackislekillie


    Oh, I hope so. The statements are comedy gold.
  8. Blackislekillie

    The Bleakest Novel I've Ever Read

    Including Para Handy.
  9. Blackislekillie

    The Bleakest Novel I've Ever Read

    You read Child of God yet? Bleaker than all those put together.
  10. Blackislekillie

    Hibs away, Fred

    Boooooodyyyyydieeeee !!!
  11. Blackislekillie

    Hibs away, Fred

  12. Blackislekillie

    Hibs away, Fred

  13. Blackislekillie

    Hibs away, Fred

    Yaaaaaasssssss Boydie
  14. Blackislekillie

    Alloa 2-1 Ayr

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind.
  15. Blackislekillie

    Sheep home, Fred


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