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  1. Did Chris Morris make that video?
  2. I've watched it a dozen times. No way was that a fluke. Brilliant play from start to finish hat goal.
  3. One of his best in my opinion. Songs about mining communities in the South.
  4. What an angry patronising little man you are. If I had seriously wanted an answer an ex bank manager on a football forum wouldn't be my go to guy. What a f**king clown.
  5. The chances of infection are small? Do you have evidence for that assertion?
  6. Dear Billy Having a lovely time on the Amalfi Coast. Dario says hello. How's things? Txt u soon. Ciao Angelo
  7. Thats him out then. Taking s**te from senior squad members seems to be an essential part of the skill set needed to manage us.
  8. Fair enough shout hm. How do Broadfoot and Dicker rate him?
  9. You're right. She is a f**king disgrace.
  10. Is Curtis Lyle worse than the pair we've signed?
  11. All of them...I'm a huge fan. You'll find most of them on Spotify but two of my favourites are Train a Comin and Sidetracks.