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  1. So when did right backs fall out of fashion?
  2. You seem to be in the know. Why don't you tell us?
  3. Are you not destroying your own argument here?
  4. Papping them out would be very pleasing indeed. Wee fannybaws Brophy had a dig at the club in the Herald this morning. If his next s**te isn't a hedgehog there is no god.
  5. Who was the former Killie youngster he talked about who is on trial at QOS?
  6. Best player he's ever played with was Barry Ferguson. Was carrying an injury in the last few weeks of the season and shouldn't have played. Doesn't have a club lined up but has a good relationship with Gus. I think he'll sign for Morton but wouldn't surprise me if he ended up with the unwashed.
  7. Aye. Also said he may have been to hasty in dismissing Alessio's coaching.
  8. He was on Sportsound this afternoon saying we would've stayed up if Alex Dyer had still been manager
  9. If this is a fishing expedition you've landed a net full.
  10. They can all f**k right off, including the so called manager. f**king clueless, gutless and heartless.
  11. Mon the Killie. Intae this mob. 🇼🇫
  12. Scotlands low rent version of Salford United?
  13. Given that Sportsounds new love interest play on plastic, will we see an about turn on the bleating about artificial playing surfaces?
  14. Yes. I also have to suffer listening to this on Radio Aberdeen.
  15. They can't wait for us to go down. Their love in with Kelty hertz and Brora (champions after 3 games) is sickening. But, but but..these clubs ate ambushus , thuv investud munny (COPYRIGHT Biscuit "Allan" Preston). I hope Brechin pump them in the playoffs. Either of them.
  16. What if they just stopped Scottish fitba then?
  17. The fact we're likely to get pumped in them kind of spoils the anticipation of that.