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  1. Spike

    David Lilley tackle on Neil McCann

    My favourite tackle. THE league cup final, second half 50/50 ball on the left wing. Hooky is no way going to lose it, James Forrest comes off hugely second best. Subbed soon after. Epitomised the man and the day. OK I'm off message on this thread but you don't forget that sort of commitment
  2. Spike


    Can't get this one out of my head, not this week, maybe never. None of it makes sense. If some are saying that big Kirk wraps his arms around opponents in the box, how does May then get flung to the floor in the same instant? 'Holding' isn't 'barging over'. Defying the laws of physics surely? But not the SPFL match official law of incompetence or even the Derek McInnes double standards two faced law of bare faced diving apparently (I might have just made those last two up but they seem real to me)
  3. Spike


    Never a penalty. May dived. What else was Broadfoot supposed to do? H He heads the ball, May falls theatrically. Boyd meanwhile has his jersey almost removed every time he went into the box....Can we have the Israeli ref back please?
  4. Spike

    Fat Ally

    My memory isn't crystal clear from that time but I seem to remember he was quite unfit when he was with us and guff in a lot of games. There was a media story about him not training because his wee boy was very ill in hospital. Much later on the gutter press revealed something about him knocking about with Patsy Kensit, presumably when he had been in London filming a question of sport. My suspicious mind thought the latter sounded more plausible than the former as a reason for missing training. Or am I wrong?
  5. Spike

    Seasons Greetings

    Nice, thanks mate. Yesterday makes it just that bit merrier all round
  6. Spike

    Birthday Mentions v Hibs

    Gavin you are a legend, welcome home

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