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  1. It's not shameful at all, its unfortunate, its circumstances, its not shameful. Self righteous patter at a time when clubs are fighting for their very existence, you want them to take advantage of the furlough system to keep people in a job that they would be getting cut from anyway? That money is meant to be for keeping people in a job, not just giving cash to people (who will qualify for other benefits) regardless of the situation. We do it every year, where is the outrage then? It might cost the club nothing, but it costs the government money and we're all going to be paying for it soon through taxes. I agree its not nice not thanking them but again, they don't do that in normal circumstances either so its nothing new, plus there is not much you can do in person these days during lock down.
  2. Consistency is a huge part of the game, if we demand that the manager/players/board get changed every time we get a bad run of results then things just go from bad to worse. We've not played too badly recently but results are not coming our way and individual errors have cost us as well. The summer was a disaster, we lost too many key staff and were ill-prepared to replace them. That was down to the board of course, but they should never have given in to player and fan power and sacked Alessio. The fans are already trying to get them to sack the interim manager as well, like that's going to do any good at this stage, that's frustration and anger talking, quite understandable but will only make things worse for us. I'm as downbeat and angry as everyone else but you have to be pragmatic about the situation we find ourselves in as you can't change the past no matter how often we go on and on and on about it. There wasn't much available in the last window and Dyer chose not just to add bodies for the sake of it, it would only compound our problems, we have to stick together and get to the end of the season in one piece, success now is finishing above the bottom two places and the board have to be assessing what will happen in the summer right now. I have my doubts about Dyer, leaving subs too late, Broadfoot over DDF, Kiltie not starting when we are crying out for a goal scoring midfielder, Dicker remaining captain, but I refuse to pillory him based on whether his hands are in his pockets or not and will support him and his team as long as they representing our club. That's not blind faith, that's just what fans do.
  3. Bye Bye Guff92 If you can't take the bad with the good then you're wasting your time following Killie. That was a sore one to take but football is like that and sorts out the men from the boys.
  4. Oops, doesn't quite fit in with the club being idiots for letting him go out on loan narrative.
  5. You are rewriting what I said! I said it wasn't a total f**k up and many other clubs have done worse, where did I say it was successful?
  6. Is that it official now, we f**ked up the transfer window? How many other teams have f**ked up their transfer window in the eyes of their fans I wonder? I think that getting Kabamba in alone was at least a good result, I see plenty of teams that have brought in no one of any significance or that will enhance their team. It wasn't a great transfer window in terms of numbers and us having a small squad, but in hindsight (great thing) we didn't totally f**k things up, we just did our only decent business early.
  7. Not going to start quoting everyone on this thread but we're ripping the board here based on absolutely nothing. Not one word about the transfer fee on this thread is fact and still we feel the need to jump in with opinions based on what wee Jimmy's granny's dug said or thought about how much it was. If you know anything about Lawwell at all you have to consider that it would be him that wanted the fee to be undisclosed as he would face questions from the Celtic support if they thought their club had paid too much. He doesn't like to be seen as a pushover as it would affect future dealings and negotiations. The truth of the matter will probably be a mix of all things, my guess, and it is a guess I'm not claiming to have first or even second hand knowledge is that we'd have got a fair bit over £1m up front and the rest would be made up of realistic clauses. Twenty appearances this year - no one would agree to that deal, no one. Possibly 20 appearances overall and I'd add more money in for 10 international appearances which doesn't depend on the parent club. You won't see it at the AGM this year as that reflects the previous seasons figures, you probably won't see it the following year either as there will be too many factors to determine what was transfer fees and what was not. If we paid debt with some of it then that shows we are operating prudently and sustainably, I just hope they have put some aside to re-invest in the squad which is our core business and essential to our revenue stream.
  8. We had some great songs going when Clarke was still here and they seemed to get the crowd and the team going. We need to move on and get some new stuff to liven up the tried and tested. I'm not sure who the lads are that normally come up with the new stuff but hopefully they will be on here so let's see if we can come up with something new. Rather than just say we need something new I'm going to make a suggestion and would encourage others to do the same, who knows we might come up with something that is catchy, makes sense and is easy to remember and for everyone to join in. I think the St Mirren fans nailed it with the Obika tune to Tequila, a tune everyone knows and dead simple. Celtic and Motherwell seem to have claimed the Gerry CInnamon discoland thing so what about this to his "Belter" singalong? Appreciate if someone could attach the video as a reference to the tune for those who don't know it. We are the Killie Different from the rest We play at fortress Rugby Park And our pies are the best We hate the old firm And the Ayr United too You'll Never Take the Killie We're the boys in white and blue - We are the Killie You guessed it, rained aff today! Amateur attempt, good tune though if someone could come up with better words.
  9. You say it was a panic signing so it was a panic signing? Is that how it works now? We've been crying out for a big breenger for Brophy to play off and we've signed an experienced striker who has shown previous form in the division on a short term loan contract to see if he can fill the gap, after he impressed in a reserve fixture. If you don't have inflated expectations after last year then there is something wrong with you, that doesn't make it healthy.
  10. Monty97


    I suggest you go and read the Facebook pages again, even more so Twitter which is just vile.
  11. I'm not sure how many times it has to be said, its because we've gone into dead line day with no feasible scouting network and no CEO with an overall handle on things, only a temp. If the club now concentrate on plugging those gaps then we can reasonably assume that come the January window we will be in a much better position to deal with potential signings. It's happened, its pretty plain to see why its happen like this, we need to move on and get on with fixing what went wrong. I really can't see what all the panic is about dead line day for us anyway, it barely matters to us, the players we are going to be in the market for will all be freebies, at least they should be.
  12. Absolute sour grapes. Aw poor diddums.
  13. That's the attitude NOT. Doesn't matter that you are getting the chance, just that someone else is getting two chances? Do you ever think that they pay a lot extra into the club so maybe they deserve that wee extra chance?
  14. Not going because we might not be brilliant next season? Really? You really should be more careful of the company you keep, these are the people that you were warned about. Probably one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read on here and that is saying something!

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