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  1. Why would he? I imagine jersey is Roger's to lose
  2. That'll nae do, putting all the conspiracy theories to bed. And yes his hamstrings do seem dodgey
  3. Yes but you don't tell the players that on the bus on the way up!
  4. Or to put it less mildly, Jones isn't fit to wipe Burke's arse
  5. At one point he was absolutely brilliant for us but has acted like a tool and I can only chuckle. Wish him no ill of course.
  6. Ah interesting. So the Queen being head of the Church only comes from England?
  7. Interesting that says England there and not the UK?
  8. very disappointing, it takes me back to what Broaders said about when he was in England and he couldn't believe his teammates would settle for a draw.
  9. Jones is everything that is wrong with footballers. Burke is the example every footballer should strive to follow
  10. Iremember cardiff mentioned at some point
  11. Rogers Millen Dikamona Findlay Waters Burke Power Tishbola Haunstrup Kabamba Whitehall or Kiltie
  12. This is the conundrum. Power and Tish definitely the best 2 but as you say both similar and not a pure defensive mid like Dicker. But they should be enough to not get overrun in midfield

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