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  1. Thread name 'Dom Thomas away' sounds like we were in the euro draws today and got another Welsh team - still gives me the fear from that tie last season!
  2. Think seeing both full strips they are well smart. Away kit just shades it for me.
  3. The fact this top is white bizarrely reminds me of Tam Broon, Bully and Mcskimming as that seemed to be the top I remember them the most in and the players I remember most in that white strip
  4. Apart from at Hamilton and Livi! Probably just blood at Hamilton from being kicked around the pitch!
  5. The nirvana would be that this season more than ever that everyone who can buy the top will buy one to support the club, regardless if they like it or not! That said I am totally on the fence but it is a Killie top so will buy it
  6. IMO


    Thought we were talking Willie Gollum referee extrordinar- not!
  7. See Ayr have just released their new Hummel kit.....hope for ours incoming soon!
  8. I remember watching him several times for Stranraer and it started off as he always seemed to be the star player of the whole match against us but only against us, then he seemed to score every time he played us that was the main reason but I can also remember him winding the crowd up a couple of times as well.
  9. Henry Templeton, Andy Walker, Billy Dodds, Chic Charnley, Gary Harkins, Derek McInnes but especially Darren bloody Henderson who was always touted as a Killie fan
  10. IMO

    Biggest Coup

    Steve Clarke
  11. Article on bbc website about Danish side midtjylland saying how they plan to put up 2 large screens in their car park allowing people in 2000 cars to watch games - most bizarre bit is if u need the toilet u flash your lights and a steward accompanies u to the bog and cleans it after!
  12. Maybe the new norm in filling rugby park is 600 fans to make social distancing work - where you need to leave 3 seats either side of you in your seat, 7 seats in the row behind you, 7 seats in the row in front of you, 5 seats in the row 2 behind you and 5 seats in the row 2 in front of you, so including your 1 seat you would effectively take up 31 seats. Divide that into our capacity- roughly 600! Imagine that, bit weird and it would start a whole new debate on who got to go just like our Euro away leg last season! Not really worth it! Wait, how do you get to your seat......
  13. Not seen the back but from the front - yes please
  14. IMO


    Foster is out of contract at end of season

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