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  1. One of the worst I’ve seen in our famous stripes
  2. Surely this puts the use of “we hate ayr bl*ck bastards” to bed, wether it means dirty or not
  3. Oh hiya Kirk, eggcellent to see you on here
  4. Huge loss if he’s away but best of luck to him, has a bright future ahead of him
  5. Couldn’t care less what he’s done to Mulgrew (about 10 years ago) as long as he’s banging goals in for us, don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’re getting a bit desperate
  6. Don’t know if I’ve missed it but I’m just disappointed no one said he’s a different kettle of fish
  7. Honestly, who cares? If he’s that irrelevant then don’t take a single word he says in
  8. Wish I could say 8 of our team looked like professionals last night
  9. IMO if UEFA are going to hammer us for pyro then we should leave it out, or go big and make it worthwhile, bit of an overreaction from both sides of the argument on here, we should put this to bed and enjoy the fact we are playing European football

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