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  1. Says the guy so upset by it he’s on here complaining and ranting twice (hours apart) on the vote on twitter hahaha I’m not that keen on any of them tbh and it’s only a meaningless vote but as I said above I’m not keen on people throwing their toys out the pram because the vote isn’t going their way
  2. I prefer most of the older kits, I just find it unfair for someone to question others’ intelligence simply because the vote isn’t going the way they’d like
  3. As far I’m concerned how a team performed in a kit doesn’t change how it great it looks. I’m able to form an opinion on my own and don’t just decide a kit looks better because of what the history books say. As you say each to their own
  4. Because it’s a cup winning kit, not how it looks. To be honest I had to think about what one to vote for but went for the Nike one because there is more to look at, the hooped top wouldn’t have been a bespoke design back in the day either
  5. Or people find it more aesthetically pleasing than a bog standard blue and white hooped rugby shirt?
  6. One of the worst I’ve seen in our famous stripes
  7. Surely this puts the use of “we hate ayr bl*ck bastards” to bed, wether it means dirty or not
  8. Oh hiya Kirk, eggcellent to see you on here
  9. Huge loss if he’s away but best of luck to him, has a bright future ahead of him
  10. Couldn’t care less what he’s done to Mulgrew (about 10 years ago) as long as he’s banging goals in for us, don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’re getting a bit desperate
  11. Don’t know if I’ve missed it but I’m just disappointed no one said he’s a different kettle of fish

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