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  1. Still clinging to hope that we will sign Greg Stewart on loan before the window shuts.
  2. Think it more highlights the stupidity of his decision to leave a stable club in the middle of a pandemic to find a bigger club, when the likes of Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts have established RB's. I have no doubt if we were still in the market for a RB he would be back with us. He should have just signed a one year extension and then tried to get his move once everything has calmed down.
  3. I know SportScene gets a kicking, but I have got to give it some credit. Enjoying the games being on a Saturday and Sunday, enjoying the extended highlights and thought Maloney and Gordon were decent, although I am not convinced with Thompson as host. A far cry from the days when we got 60 sec highlights late on a Sunday evening.
  4. Audio was out of sync for me in Florida, but other than that the service was fine. Good to see them doing some stuff at half time, as normally we just get dead air.
  5. Losing 5-1 to Dundee united under Locke. The 98 game against Ayr still hurts.
  6. Looks like International Killie Tv subscribers will be able to watch the game
  7. Like the sound of this, but I suspect it may take him a month or so to get up to speed. While it’s been relatively slow going with (hopefully) two signings so far, it suggests a more targeted approach to recruitment. Could see us going for another 3 permanent signings and then wait till closer to the deadline to see what’s available on a loan.
  8. Still unsure we will be playing football before October. If that were to happen the bigger clubs, with larger outgoing, could be more negatively impacted. We could be in a better position to pick up some players if that happens.
  9. Heard Darryl Broadfoot say on Sportsound that it sounds like a shout out to sky from the spfl that they are trying everything to honor the new tv contract, don’t think we will see football till October at the earliest.
  10. Cancelled all my football subscriptions in the USA except my tik and killietv subscription. Wonder if the club could create some content on killietv and encourage fans to subscribe to make up some of the difference. could do a series tied into our 150 year anniversary. I know it’s short notice, but just a thought.
  11. Yeah same here, was a bit dodgy towards the start of the season, but had no issues for months.
  12. Yeah it was the same last year in the replay against rangers. Had to resort to vpn to listen to the radio commentary. Sounds like it will be an afternoon in the company of willie miller for me.
  13. It’s been good to see the club increase its killie tv output and have enjoyed the interviews with Fow and Cathy. However I still want a better answer to why our last two windows have been so s**t, one bad window can be excused, but two is a matter for concern and I would like some better answers on how we seem incapable of getting deals over the line. also thought they glossed over the 150 year stuff with no glamour friendly, no anniversary book or dvd, no open day etc.
  14. Wonder how much the pitch comes into the difficulty of us trying to get players, however it doesn’t seem to stop Livi and to a lesser extent Accies. Would have went for Templeton as we should have been able to put pay Hamilton and he obviously doesn’t have an issue with the pitch.