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  1. Tshibola is not needed..we are short of at least 1 quality keeper,2 centre backs and a bit of pace in the final 3rd. We are covered for midfielders who can retain possession.
  2. I wouldn’t call getting the name of our most influential manager since TB correct a spelling test.It’s just basics.
  3. Not spending the Taylor money,if this is the case,has been a blessing in disguise.
  4. Rml

    Craig Bryson

    I’d be looking to spend a good part of our budget on a solid keeper rather than Bryson.
  5. Rml

    Greg Stewart

    If Greg Stewart had stayed we would’ve had a great chance of finishing 2nd.
  6. Rml

    Greg Stewart

    I’d imagine in the current climate AD will be hoping Kiltie can be our Greg Stewart type of player next season.
  7. Is he better than Wilson was at 18?
  8. For those of us who haven’t seen him play,if he got a start who would be most likely to drop out?
  9. Can’t wait until your club goes bust again.
  10. You could try writing to Dave King but I doubt you’ll get a reply.
  11. An older version of a guy who wasn’t good enough the first time round?No thanks.
  12. Rml

    How it ends

    Doesn’t matter who it was against.
  13. Maybe not...probably Flexney.

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