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  1. Maybe not...probably Flexney.
  2. Had he possessed the skills of a Dindeleux he wouldn’t have had to resort to pub car park tactics.
  3. He’s either an attention seeker or a moron..in fact he’s probably both.
  4. Why do you care?
  5. Quite a big fault when you’re running a football club. I doubt he takes this approach when it comes to his own business.
  6. Beat Aberdeen and there’s a chance..otherwise it’s bottom 6...Livi superior gd effectively gives them 7 points over us just now.
  7. Hunbelievable you are.
  8. Rml

    Harry Bunn

    Yeah we are doing alright for now.Not much squad depth when injuries/suspensions kick in.
  9. Rml

    Harry Bunn

    Ended up with a smaller squad than we started with...shambles.
  10. Rml

    Harry Bunn

    Makes our January window seem even more of a shambles than first thought.
  11. Rml

    Harry Bunn

    I know Dom Thomas has his limitations in this league but he must be a better option than an unfit Harry Bunn.
  12. Rml

    Harry Bunn

    Working on fitness? Injured? Anyone know?
  13. Rml


    Still not convinced about you.

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