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  1. One thing I'm concerned about is the kids not wearing masks in the classroom. For selfish reasons I would be a lot happier if they were.
  2. They are also governed by the rules put in place by the SPFL and Government in order to allow football to start up again. As far as I am aware they don't include going out on the piss with your mates. They should be suspended when the games they would miss are replayed. That way StJ haven't lost the advantage they would have had and Aberdeen still get punished.
  3. Nah ... he'd read the forum and Facebook posts from numerous clowns and thought he was going to his own funeral.
  4. I'm sure he said it was the ball that hit him, after he saw the reply.
  5. chubbs


    Playing against totally different types of defenders... last week's pairing are a couple of out and out thugs, today he was up against two more 'cultured' players. Still had him as my MoM though..
  6. Correct ... unfortunately it looks like some fans can't see past who his dad is.
  7. I had a quick look on the Kerrydale forum ... they are really hammering Lennon and the players especially Brown and Taylor. Glorious...
  8. Today was probably our best tactical display under AD .... and Celtic didn't really look like hammering us. Sky showed stats after about 75mins which had us with more shots on target and more touches in the opposition box than Celtic... admittedly that changed in the last 15mins. I don't think we had a failure on the pitch today ... not even Rogers. He fecked up at the goal by taking 3-4 steps to the right as Christie was running up to the ball and couldn't get back across in time. It was a mistake but they happen.... if continues to coat a goal a game then we have a major problem but not right now.
  9. Not unexpected.. think someone said last week that there was around a 90sec delay on the KTV pictures. I was watching on Sky downstairs, my son was watching on Sky upstairs and he saw the penalty awarded about 15 seconds before me.... I heard the shouts !!
  10. Were they that poor ... or did we force them to play that way?
  11. Just because he was signed as a left back doesn't mean he'll play as a left back for us all the time. I thought him and Waters linked well down that side.
  12. Rather have a good knowledgeable commentary than a biased one.
  13. Won't argue with that ...
  14. There is no such entity as 'The Old Firm' .... one half of that died in 2012.

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