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  1. chubbs

    .ISO Files

    Is Daemon still on the go? ... used that in the past but not sure what is on the laptop nowadays.
  2. chubbs

    The OTT Reaction Fred

    We were without JJ last night as well ...
  3. chubbs

    2018 World Cup

    For once Zorro is correct .... He brought his arm down into the ball.
  4. chubbs

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    The result is one thing .... Biggest issue is the disjointed performance until we had Burke and Kiltie on the pitch.
  5. chubbs

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    That performance will bring a few folk back down to earth. Jones showed tonight why he is not a £3m player ... poor is being kind to him. Couldn't cross, couldn't pass, couldn't shoot, couldn't tackle .... he can run fast and beat a couple of players though ... before giving the ball away cheaply.
  6. chubbs


    They struggled to beat Tunisia, they pumped a very poor Panama, and a weakened team lost to a weakened Belgium. They got lucky against Columbia and won against a Sweden team who were posted missing .... Were they really worth all the hype?
  7. chubbs

    2018 World Cup

    If Scott Brown had any belief in his 'talent' then he'd have had a go down south or abroad ... but he chose to stay in the SPL where he got an easy ride and was a big fish in a small pond. He'd have been found out if he went elsewhere just Barry Ferguson was ... at least the crab gave it a go though.
  8. chubbs

    Very Uncomfortable ...

    You won't hear that said often .... thankfully.
  9. chubbs

    When are we getting the away kits?

    You could get special dispensation for a one off game but doubt they'd allow more than that.
  10. chubbs

    Football Novels

    My strip from 3years ago would be a tad tight now never mind nearly 40yrs ago.
  11. Would make Rangers games a tad more annoying than usual.
  12. chubbs

    Craig Slater

    Lucky him ..... they are welcome to him.
  13. chubbs

    Player Cam

    Ya beauty ..... their live streaming the mud wrestling!!!!
  14. chubbs

    Cup of Cheats

    Kane actually fouled the defender first ... he pulls the defender into him and then ran into him.
  15. After all the screaming for a red card after the headbutt incident, I must've dosed off and missed all the discussion about Henderson's attempted butt.

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