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  1. As it says above ... looking for a video editor for Android. Nothing fancy required as it's just to knit together stuff on my phone. Any suggestions... Ta much...
  2. Brilliant .... an extra day's overtime each week.
  3. Wasn't far wrong .... twats have admitted counting the nostril swabs and saliva sample from the same person as two tests. This has inflated the current daily figures by around 20% and this figure was higher before they started counting the tests that were posted out but not returned. No doubt those will be double counted as well .... one when sent and again when they are returned
  4. Very very subtle .....I missed it the first couple of times I looked at the photos.
  5. chubbs


    Dyer knocked several players that Fowler had put forward as well.... can't dump all the blame on JF.
  6. Hladky has already been scouted by several clubs outside Scotland. Liam Boyce is outside our wage capabilities... think he is outwith Hearts as well, pretty sure I read someone was contributing to his wages? Thomas has always been much better coming on as a sub. Never seems to make much impact when he starts a game. Liked the look of Waters the couple of times I've seen him ... time to give him a run of games. SOD had an outstanding first season but the 2nd and 3rd saw a general decrease in the standard of performance from him.
  7. Might not be so forgiving to the more 'robust' members of our support..
  8. Seems the Brian Clough's Football Fortunes game has been revamped and re-released... https://www.footballfortunes.co.uk/shop/
  9. That would give you a migraine if you were sitting at the front of the stand.
  10. Would take 5 weeks to complete the season by playing Sat-Wed plus another week to complete the cup if they want to squeeze it in. So the end of July could just be possible ... but unlikely.
  11. They processed a load of season ticket orders last week and took the cash immediately .... couple of hours later they emailed the fans to say the orders had been cancelled because the wrong link had been used for payment. The money has still not been reimbursed and the seats are showing as sold ... so even if they can afford to shell out again immediately, the system isn't allowing it. Tick tock....
  12. I've got most of them in the loft as well... but I think they'll stay there for now.
  13. Except the bit where he says he hides his hatred well ... I have an inkling he might be stretching things a little there.
  14. Not if the payment was for the lowest possible position they could finish in... I.e Celtic could only finish 1st or 2nd so they get paid for 2nd just now.... The Rangers could drop as low as 4th so they paid for that position. I think the payment that was made already was a little lower than the 12th place would get so there isn't much cash left to be paid to the lower teams anyway.
  15. chubbs

    Ground share

    Cannae be that bad ... he's still getting his smack supply.

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