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  1. Don't we all? Whoever pays the piper calls the tune. They can't get sacked from the board, they own the club, that's how it works unfortunately for us fans.
  2. You know how football works, right?
  3. I'm questioning why the wearing of masks is even being questioned. It's common sense that it will stop the basic spread of the virus, what kind of f**king idiots are buying into the concept that masks make no difference? The government are not pushing it because they don't have enough masks to make it mandatory and they don't want to face legal action for not providing citizens with equipment that could save their lives. Just watched the video above and looked at the figures Czechia - 7449 confirmed cases - 223 deaths UK - 157,000 confirmed cases - 21,092 deaths Are you still questioning why mask wearing is advised? The more people who do it the better it will be.
  4. Maybe you should be shocked and angry after asking someone from the club the question instead of taking the word of some random on the internet (no offence).
  5. There is no definitive end in sight here and with no overdraft facility our club is going to be reliant on Billy Bowie and Phyllis McLeish to tide us to for god knows how long. Time for the trust to literally start rattling the buckets I think to help us get through what is going to be a very lean time.
  6. I know what you are saying but how can we, or any club for that matter, make concrete plans without having a clue what is going to happen in the immediate future?
  7. 18yardhero


    That would make more sense then.
  8. How is it ridiculous? Does that mean every chairman/director in football is ridiculous? Show me one that says they are looking for someone else for a job while they still have someone in it. It would be ridiculous for them to say carry on Alex, meanwhile we are looking for your replacement, even if they are looking for his replacement. The bad news for Dyer is that backing from a chairman usually follows with the boot not long after.
  9. 18yardhero


    They definitely said this, the guy in the corner confirmed it (Greg?). Pretty sure he didn't understand what was being asked though and got it wrong. It doesn't seem logistically possible given all the clubs are not on the same system.
  10. 18yardhero


    I can't agree. They didn't impart with any information other than there were definitely add-ons. If it was nearly a club record but not without the add-ons then they wouldn't necessarily be all over it. It could actually be Celtic who insisted on the undisclosed fee as they didn't want their fans or other clubs thinking that they'd ended up paying a lot more than they claimed they were willing to spend. We wouldn't want to reveal anything because we might have to deal with them again and it could be financially beneficial if we proved that we could keep an undisclosed fee, undisclosed. If Celtic had pulled our trousers down then their support would have been all over it and we'd never hear the end of it, and they have more leaks than Wales.
  11. Nothing in that article gives you the right to claim that Billy Bowie is lazy or doesn't care about the club. All it intimates is that he is giving his verbal backing to the man in charge at the moment. If you knew anything about the game at all you would concede that happens throughout the world of football. You don't talk about replacing your manager while he's still in the job. There is no right and wrong here, only you rattling the guy who has his faults but is doing his best for the club, your club.
  12. Nope, I'm a nobody just like you, with more manners.
  13. More lazy criticism from an internet nobody who feels the need to stick their oar in. Billy Bowie may not be the messiah but he doesn't deserve the cheap shots being made by our fans left right and centre, talk about lack of respect! We can question or criticise his decisions all we want if it is required but insinuating that the board don't care or that they are lazy is below the belt and beneath us as a support. This is the kind of stuff you'd expect from snide entitled old firm fans.
  14. I'd like to apologise to the QTS hun contingent in hospitality for ripping the piss out of them after the game. On second thoughts, no I wouldn't.
  15. I'd put Johnson in for Findlay if there is any doubt at all. Dons won't play as high a line as Hearts did so the midfield will be more congested and I can't see many goals in this one. Cue a 4-4 draw!

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