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  1. He was very impressive in his time on the field
  2. And got on for a spell too. Great weekend for the lad. Onwards and upwards. Here's to a long and illustrious career with Killie
  3. Outfought and outthought at home.
  4. As it is everyday because if it wasnt it would be tomorrow or yesterday 😁😁😁
  5. Tommy Wright really not inspiring me here. Clearly changes necessary but plugs away hoping for a miracle. That is not strategy or tactics. It is lack of
  6. Why have we always been hesitant to make changes? Manager after manager unwilling to sub with enough time to make a difference
  7. What is the plan if Cameron gets injured?
  8. Why are we incapable of making subs?
  9. And i thought I was negative!! Christ!! I have been properly impressed by the team. Perfect? Nope but better effort, organisation and ability than last season or two
  10. Been impressed with us so far. Easily the better side. Goal should be along shortly
  11. One politician covering for another? Who would have imagined it!!
  12. Morton ahead and so are we. Talk about exciting