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  1. Why? With 10 we need to work harder. Therefore fresh legs are a good idea
  2. Can we just retire from international football completely?
  3. I would just do away with the men's National side. Concentrate on the women's team
  4. Today is the day to keep a clean sheet!!
  5. Or play at home to teams like St Johnstone
  6. How come Celtic are cleared to compete in UEFA competition but not in the league?
  7. Does it matter who we sign with the current management?
  8. We will play well against Hamilton but lose two or more goals to "silly blunders" drop another 3 points. AD will come out in the after game interview and talk about "working harder" and "not letting ourselves down". Many on here will defend him and say we were just unlucky and if we get a win in the next few games we can cut the gap to the playoff spot to only 6 points. Furthermore they will say Brophy will be back for our final 5 games in the bottom 6 and if we win all those and other results go our way we could make 10th.
  9. When did we last win? Serious question
  10. Points don't go anywhere. Game is played at another time. Aberdeen should be punished but i don't see why St Johnstone should benefit.
  11. I have taken this test 4 times and given a variety of answers and each time I get the same outcome - Kilmarnock Which SPFL team should you follow? I guess some things are just written in the stars.