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  1. Celtic Statement on their website. Full of remorse, but unlike the Aberdeen statement, no where does it say that they will accept any punishment given to them.
  2. Bookies are not often wrong.
  3. I can see your point, but the fact is that they still won their games. I would be more confident with some games under our belt and points on the board. I do hope we come away with 3 points, but at the moment I would be satisfied with a point.
  4. A wee bit of reality guys. Celtic have a much bigger squad than us with at least 11 Internationalists in it. Their wage bill dwarfs ours and our fanbase and income is minimal compared to theirs. However, we were composed, stuck to the game plan and nullified them. McGregor said they were awful but he forgets that you can only play as well as the opposition lets you. We didn't let them play and I thought we were very well organised defensively. Well done guys and other teams will be sitting up and taking notice. At this stage in the season I would take a point on Wednesday as Ross County seem to be playing well at the moment.
  5. And another stupid comment....
  6. Maybe you should wait till the games finished before making stupid comments.
  7. So, the man with the cash writes off debt owed to him and ploughs even more money into the club and still folk are moaning. This is a tax/fair play rules getaround. Only some of our fans cannot see how this benefits the club I am quite sure BB isn't in the least bit worried if everybody still calls it Rugby Park. He gets plenty of publicity elsewhere for BBSP.
  8. Lies, damned lies and statistics….oh and some will not be happy with your revelations... your name shall alzo go on zee list...what is it?
  9. Guff92 talking...…..well I guess Guff! However he/she is entitled to his/her opinion....even though it is at odds with several experienced Managers, all who have coaching qualifications and have seen Rory as an integral part of their team. It seems that they are all wrong and Guff92 is right. But , hey, football is all about opinions and we all will not agree. But I do think that a Manager who has been in football for a long time knows better than me.
  10. I remember meeting him in the car park after he had a particularly good game. His comment was...I will make you £5 million.....
  11. Unfortunately the rules will not be able to accommodate every scenario. Can I suggest that seeing the game is better than not because you can't sit beside your friends.
  12. I don't know who Craigie, but I hope he finds us a good 'un.
  13. I bet JF is working 24 hours a day at the moment to find a goalkeeper. If players want to play in the SPL then they need to sign now and not wait until the transfer window is about to close to try to get a better deal. However, Agents (puke) dictate the rules these days!!!

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