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  1. Spot on, although I believe in the past players paid their agent a monthly sum as a retainer.
  2. Whilst I understand your comment, do we know for certain that no "informal" talks have taken place? Findlay has said that he is yet to open talks on a new deal, that does not mean that it hasn't been spoken about informally. As in, "Stuart we are going to offer you a new deal, but we need to get some other players signed up first"
  3. There is a players union. Let them earn their subscriptions!
  4. It never fails to amaze me how some know more about how football works then the football people themselves. We are in the middle of a lockdown and pandemic and nobody knows which club will survive this. I am confident that we will survive, but until we know if and when football will return, why would you offer a player who has a year of his contract to run and extension? It does not make business sense. When all has settled down I am sure that SF will be first on the list of JF to get another contract sorted out. Contracts do not happen overnight. There are weeks of negotiation with the agent who will always look at alternatives and hold off. Have I said this before?.....I do not like agents! Parasites of the game. Take millions out of the game and put nothing back!
  5. CBFC

    Ground share

    Is the San Siro owned by the local council and Internationale and AC Milan ground share? I might be wrong in that.
  6. CBFC

    Ground share

    Just reasonably local clubs. That's all.
  7. CBFC

    Ground share

    Maybe mothball their stadium until they have some sense of financial stability. Reduces outgoings and ground staff costs. Business rates and maintenance reduced. Just thought I would throw it open for opinions.
  8. There is every possibility that some clubs may not survive this current world crisis. How would you feel if another club (not necessarily in A*rshire) asked to groundshare with us to cut costs for the medium term? Could be Hamilton, St Mirren, Motherwell, Stranraer etc. ( yes and possibly A*r)
  9. Nigel, my reasoning behind this is for the OF to make concessions to the way the league is set up. This 11-1 voting system plays right into their hands. We must break that and by 'negotiating' colts teams (amongst other stuff) we could maybe do that. For too long the OF have run (ruined) Scottish football.
  10. I am thinking of a 15 - 15 - 14 set up. SPL of 15 play each other twice, then split into 3 x 5 and play home and away. This will also give TV companies 4 OF games that they want. (maybe) 1 team gets a rest day every week for recovery purposes. (no winter shutdown) Will give 10 teams a chance to blood youngsters in 8 games therefore speeding up the progression of youths to the first team Either add Kelty and Brora to third tier or add two OF colt teams. Just a thought, and radical maybe, but sometimes radical needs to be done. I am sure there are flaws in it though.
  11. Thanks Skygod, interesting stats. The majority (slight) of our first team squad were born in the first half of the year whereas in the reserves, it is the opposite way about. However, 10 out of the 12 in the first half of the year in the first team were all born in the first 3 months...
  12. Strange request I know, but does anybody have data on the birthdates of our current first team squad. Just want to see if the Relative age effect has any impact on our squad. https://thecorrespondent.com/406/the-curious-tale-of-the-football-international-nobody-ever-heard-of-because-he-was-born-in-the-wrong-month/956291182-abe2ca3e?fbclid=IwAR10Fifxq2kp5ZyuyUI-Y-k0qrIPLKVstzclRHmbt0aIHxCh9kT65B3Q-xc
  13. Happy birthday Dad...84 today.

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