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  1. Dicker is not a team captain. When play breaks down or opposition score he just turns his back and trudges away a proper team captain chases the game gets clear instructions to the rest of the team and yes give them a proper bollocking for f**kin up. Don't think his perfomances are good enough at the moment and he should be stripped of the armband but definetly don't give it to that carthorse Broadfoot. Speaking of Broadfoot his decision making and speed, or lack of, are costing us goals. Today, yes Findlay played the sloppy backpass but he was only over at that touchline as he knew Kirk
  2. All Alex is missing from his "Managerial" style is the standing with his arms folded looking at the sky for ideas ala McCulloch/Locke as his win ratio is frighteningly close to theirs and I don't see it changing anytime soon.
  3. Think they were probably informed by the media that they were going to be running the story.
  4. Where did you find your wee news snipit as I only know of ONE game being postponed. How can this be "twice as many"? Having a go at a goverment for the actions of some self centred footballers is laughable, look at how the UK goverment handled the actions of one of their OWN advisers.... Sorry to the rest of the forum I will not add anymore politics to this but @Mclean07 really does annoy me with his negativity on these forums sometimes.
  5. As an immediate punishment to start with Celtic should be made to pay for daily testing of all our players and backroom staff and anyone who was at the stadium on Sunday, then a contribution to NHS charity, our charity partner and a large donation to the rest of Scottish football. Rangers to do the same for Dundee United and both them and Aberdeen to make similar large donations to the rest of Scottish football. Bolingoli should indeed be fined by the courts (no reduction from initial fine if he pays within 14 days) and banned for two games minimum. Hopefully none of our players are as stupid
  6. Bigbill


    Dean Henderson fae ManU been told he will be out on loan again, might be out our price range. Would still like Bachman back though.
  7. Alan for the knowledge and big Gav for the passion.
  8. Kabamba for me, especially when you consider the weight he was carrying all game with Ayer & Julien in his back pockets.
  9. You wouldn't try and go through all the options with them at that point, you would arrange an appointment for them to discuss all options as they are more complex and the customer would need to understand them before making a decision.
  10. In a building society the customer knows why they are in there. Large retailers can accomodate these customers as staff are normally on shift longer than the store is open. Small retailers and especially retailers like the club who have clothing etc that would probably need to be checked for sizing are probably only on shift until closing time. I find it disrespectful for someone to show up at the premises 2 mins before closing and expect the staff to welcome them in. Typical of you @Mclean07 to jump on any negativity to do with the club and have a pop yourself.
  11. Found this on Aberdeens' FAQ, hopefully we are doing the same and as someone pointed out Hamilton are not selling Season Passes this year so they can't purchase one-off games. Which matches will be included as part of the virtual season ticket? Season ticket holders will have virtual access to all Covid-19 impacted behind closed doors and reduced spectator capacity home league matches in season 20/21. The matches will be broadcast to season ticket holders via a separate portal on RedTV, this will also include any home matches selected by Sky.
  12. I've been thinking this too. Have a focus group working on it through this upcoming season with the prospect of introducing it at the beginning of season 22/23, that way all clubs know what they will be playing for in season 21/22.
  13. Some u16 don't live in the same household as the adult (parents seperated or grandparents) and they are using football as a way of staying connected/bonding with them.
  14. No word on free u16 with full paying adult or early bird offers. Available to buy after 5pm Friday 12th.