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  1. I've been thinking this too. Have a focus group working on it through this upcoming season with the prospect of introducing it at the beginning of season 22/23, that way all clubs know what they will be playing for in season 21/22.
  2. Some u16 don't live in the same household as the adult (parents seperated or grandparents) and they are using football as a way of staying connected/bonding with them.
  3. No word on free u16 with full paying adult or early bird offers. Available to buy after 5pm Friday 12th.
  4. AS WE PREPARE FOR THE NEW SCOTTISH PREMIERSHIP SEASON, WE CAN NOW UNVEIL OUR SEASON PASS OFFER FOR 2020/21 We know we’ve taken our time but while we’ve been apart, we’ve been working through an unprecedented period of uncertainty over when and in what form professional football in this country could possibly resume. Our offer, which is a freeze on last year’s full price, is based on two key elements – being as fair as possible to our loyal supporters who have stuck with us through these tough times while also providing crucial funds to our manager Alex Dyer and allowing him to revamp the playing squad as we aspire to remain competitive in the Scottish Premiership. We don’t yet know when you will be allowed to return to watch matches at Rugby Park but anyone who buys their Season Pass will be guaranteed entry to 19 home league matches. If this full allocation can’t be honoured through the 2020/21 campaign then you will have the chance to claim a credit, which will be deducted from the cost of your package for season 2021/22. While fans are not allowed into Rugby Park, you’ll have full access to watch all home league matches live through our virtual season pass platform, and we will ensure you still feel part of the action. We can’t wait to see you back at Rugby Park when the restrictions are lifted, but until then, help us by getting right behind Ayrshire’s finest. ‘Mon the Killie.
  5. Again another intelligent response. Grow up.
  6. @andy123 Are you still claiming the club have broken the players contract? I still haven't seen an itelligent response from you with regards to my posts. If you stopped behaving like the current US President and responding with childish comments and explain where or what you based this claim on you may get an informed debate.
  7. Great intelligent response with the relevant counter claim information.
  8. Yes they do as he is still employed by the club. They would need to come to an agreement to part ways which would involve a payment settlement. Companies and employers are covered through law with this.
  9. The club are still paying his £2k and CLAIMING a grant for 80% of his wage like all other employers to keep the "company" in business. If you are on furlough from any employer and wish to take up employment elswhere you need to give your employer the relevant notice period.
  10. Just noticed on ticketco site that they are now doing live streaming. This may help with the loss of "walk up" and away fan income as I expect they would only take a small percentage of cost. It would also help with the admin of sths getting subs for ktv as we purchase our tickets through them so they would be able to link them straight to the streaming access.
  11. Was still nervous the last five minutes even though I knew the score
  12. Also do the same for front line NHS staff.
  13. Bigbill

    Club shop

    There is plenty of room behind the Moffat stand at the ticket office, just move the Portakabins to the side of the East Stand Dundonald Road entrance. We could then incorporate the ticket office into the shop, which on match days would encourage extra spend as people waiting in the queue for tickets are more likely to browse.
  14. Brophy does't lift his head often enough. He prefers to shoot at goal even when there is no chance the ball is getting through the 2/3/4 defenders standing in front of him, most of these times there is an easy layoff to an open player who has an easier shot at goal. This is the part of his game he needs to work on, I understand that strikers want to score but that shouldn't be to the detrement of the team.

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