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  1. Hopefully it’s not just “clips”. They aren’t going to show any bad points on a twitter video. Good luck to him though hopefully he gives us a different option to what we have
  2. DuncD

    Club Shop

    Anyone involved in any way with design of kits, training wear and websites should just be binned. Recruit a university student with no football knowledge to redesign everything as a project and you couldn’t get any worse. the club shop was awful before today so today is not really any surprise. Clowns
  3. DuncD


    So in the matches since start of lockdown you can judge off the tv if a player is premier league class? Fair play. Surprised youv not been snapped up as a PL scout
  4. DuncD


    The modern armchair fan knows best
  5. You must have misread what I posted. The investors would be, not that both will sign, paying for both sets of wages should it happen? Don’t know how that’s oblivious? TIK won’t be and I’m sure BB has been doing well to keep club going.
  6. All the investors that said they’d put money into club once the evil witch of the North/east/south/west MJ left?
  7. I love how some fans will slate proven players from other SPFL clubs but get so excited for a player with a YouTube reel that only show their good moments or pretend they watch player in said matches as they seen A clip from goals on Sunday.
  8. Did Hummel come with the kit designs or were they designed by club specifically?
  9. I think anybody who could have afforded to buy a season ticket in previous years should have been doing so also and not just this year? We have never been flush for cash.
  10. Would agree with that to be fair.
  11. Would love him back but He’s too good for us at this stage of his career.
  12. So Much better than last seasons designs which is sad given the importance of last years “celebration” year.
  13. DuncD

    Club Shop

    It’s a more improved customer experience in shop that’s required. No prices on show and awful selection. No idea about stock. Hopefully improves this year
  14. You got link to these stats yet? Genuinely curious.

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