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  1. I’d swap out Broadfoot and waters but rest look good
  2. I’d like to see McGowan get a run of games.
  3. Interestingly, Gardyne scored equally / more as many goals as Rory McKenzie has done from a similar position in 5 of his 9 years with killie
  4. Luck doesn’t exist. We weren’t good enough to take points. Simple
  5. If we are still joint bottom come Christmas I’m sure you’d change that tune....
  6. I’d agree. Unfortunately
  7. Funny seeing so many slagging the same players that they said were apparently world beaters against a poor Dundee United side. Some need to get off their blue tinted glasses. We have a very average squad and a even more average manager.
  8. Agree 100% Play ugly and pick up points = Europe.
  9. He shouldn’t be playing after his red card imo.
  10. Why does Rossi deserve to be dropped after keeping a clean sheet though?
  11. Millen shouldn’t be getting straight back in to side after his stupid tackle. Especially when Rossi contributed to a clean sheet
  12. DuncD


    Time will tell. Can’t judge him after one game against a poor side.
  13. I just find it strange you think Calum Waters and Ross Millen are better than Hickey. I’m not a biased supporter unlike some.