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  1. Completely agree Who is setting the wages and allowing idiots like him in though? That’s where the real problem lies
  2. He’s pretty much the captain in his demeanour anyway. I would give him the armband
  3. Was that just for the league or was there not a B&Q cup? Before my time but the name rings a bell
  4. At no point was the existence of the club mentioned in the previous posters post. It alluded to the interim period while games were closed doors. Many players would not be receiving bonuses so would be a basic wage needing covered which we should have a contingency plan for. I’m a clown for donating to TIK? If more clowns like me donated to TIK the long standing nature of the club would be in a much healthier state.
  5. If the club had backed us in the transfer window, made an effort in sourcing a new manager and put any effort into the 150th anniversary year I would happily support a TIK decision to put money into the club for lost revenue. However after recent shambolic decisions if they were to donate money to the club for lost revenue I would be coming out of TIK.
  6. Italian coaching gets a lot of bad press at times but if you get champions league trophies and world cups out of I would not be complaining one bit.
  7. It’s pretty laughable to think we sacked AA and kept faith with AD. At least we’ll have a nice wee garden at the back of the Moffat. our current squad of players are not good enough. That comes down to recruitment as much as investment. We are where we should be in the league right now. Thank god AA got the points we did before he got the bullet for getting below average players to try and play an effective system. If he hadn’t wed be bottom of table by now.
  8. Couldn’t agree more. If we played like McInnes Aberdeen we would likely be looking forward to europa league draw to avenge last season. I understand why folk don’t like him as a person but he’s effective
  9. I just want a manager that can beat teams with 10 men
  10. The players have to realise that by putting in less than 100% in matches they are going to lose leads. They clearly haven’t learned from the previous Aberdeen match. It’s schoolboy at times and they have to be held accountable as its basic errors
  11. On paper a Good point at home against Scotland’s third best team with our current squad. On the night a very disappointing loss of 2 points.
  12. Shows where the SFA are when their referees only need 10 sessions at 2 hours each to be qualified for top flight spfl games....... albeit you need to work your way through the leagues that’s cringeworthy when you compare it to other leagues.

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