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  1. DuncD

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Only players I thought that had a bit of football about them is Lawless and Earline. Rest are donkeys
  2. DuncD

    Adam Frizzell

    Poor numbers Would maybe have been better getting him a club down a division to league 1 to get game time even just so he gets confidence and some minutes under his belt
  3. DuncD

    Adam Frizzell

    If you get tonsillitis that much surely just get them out? That’s what I did. Just an easy excuse. Kiltie is a much better prospect and player so probably why he gets a chance before him. Livi deserve praise for getting promoted through the play offs with the squad they have compared to that of thistle, United. Teams can’t break them down.
  4. DuncD

    Adam Frizzell

    No I know that. I think We Should have got him on loan to a team where he’d have been given more game time rather than paid him to sit on another teams bench. Just waste money this loan.
  5. DuncD

    Adam Frizzell

    Least he’s getting paid
  6. DuncD

    Adam Frizzell

    Doesn’t look like he’s getting on today.
  7. DuncD

    Would you rather

    Livi are defending brilliantly so far and fully deserve to go up. Well set up team
  8. DuncD

    Adam Frizzell

    Don’t think he’s managed 90 minutes yet since going which is slightly worrying. but then again I think he had tonsillitis for a short spell someone on here said.
  9. DuncD

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Barton speaks sh*te and is a wee wa*k though. Fletcher wouldn’t chat nonsense about how good he’d be. His record is exemplary and he’d be the best Scottish player in the entire league if he signed for a Scottish team.
  10. DuncD

    Rangers away, Fred

    I really hope it is as I can see SC telling them a few Home truths that need to be said. The standard of refereeing in scotland is embarrassing
  11. DuncD


    Get them out
  12. DuncD


    Subbed after 47 mins on first start after two very brief sub appearances Did he get Injured?
  13. DuncD

    Ronaldo's Penalty.

    There is not two hands on his back though? Watch it back. Can see why ref gave it but certainly not for that. Ronaldo is unreal in the air. For me he’s more of an athlete than Messi but not as accomplished a footballer.
  14. DuncD

    The A to Z of killie supporters

    Definitely can considering that’s their name.....OGC nice Is Aberdeen official name FC Aberdeen?
  15. DuncD

    Thistle Away 7th April

    County have done not bad considering they only entered the league in mid 90s to be fair!

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