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  1. He will get a move but has not been playing great of late. A mid table English championship team will take him or hibs / hearts.
  2. The money was just resting in the account...
  3. QC got us a 10 grand fine. I would have fancied our chances without him for same
  4. Imagine playing Pinnock over Burke? It’s laughable. Dyer hasn’t a bloody clue.
  5. Findlay has never been good on the ball but under Dyer he has made some really bad decisions for a capped player.
  6. And we will end up in the championship if we continue playing Pinnock at al
  7. Hibs have much better quality than us in final third that’s the difference
  8. Donated Great effort so far. I wonder When Celtics fine for Dubai is coming through?
  9. Thankfully we didn’t take the views of twitter Based posts on wasted wages. Every penny counts.
  10. Would be brilliant publicity online for awareness of the club standing by its players and fans and also showing how sh*t the Scottish football hierarchy is
  11. Very different circumstances but I understand where your coming from
  12. Shows how much faith Dyer has in youth
  13. Every fan will have a different opinion. We are a team who do not create many chances in a match and strikers have to work extremely hard which he isn’t used to at Bohs. I hope he does well but as I clearly stated originally it is a gamble taking a chance on an unproven striker going into a relegation dogfight
  14. I watch LOI regularly and there are decent players, he isn’t one. However the same was said for several before him that turned out ok. My big issue is taking gambles on unknown players with an unproven manager when we are entering into a relegation dog fight.
  15. DuncD


    Fowler is not fit for purpose. He wouldn’t be in his current role if he wasn’t a former player.
  16. DuncD


    He’s a nice guy like Dyer though. And he will work hard. Even if we get relegated we will do so with a nice team who work hard.
  17. I wouldn’t believe a word the record says. Probably made up rubbish anyone was even spoken to. We will use Dubai in the appeal but anyone would know that.
  18. A couple of good saves does not a good keeper make. He shouldn’t be first choice but that’s been evident since he came in. Dyer is the main problem however.
  19. If Brophy has decent assistance like he did with Stewart he would still be scoring. The board need to invest if we are to have goal scoring strikers!
  20. I’d rather Robinson or Wright. Robinson has done well bar this season and has lost an awful lot of players and not been able to take others in.