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  1. I think we need to start preparing for life in the Championship. As sad as it is and sounds that’s where we’re headed. Watching that first half shows zero hope of ever EVER scoring a goal. The biggest mistake of the season was allowing AD so much time. Should have been replaced in November. If Wright pulls off an escape now it will be up there with Steve Clarke’s achievement. The situation is that bad. Is it 17 players out of contract? They will leave and it simply won’t affect them whether OUR club stayed in the league or not. That’s another management mistake. PLEASE LET LAFFERTY COME ON AND PROVE ME WRONG!
  2. Forget the stats Lafferty has recently. We’ve signed a player who has played four and yet to have a shot at goal, never mind on target, never mind a goal!! 😱
  3. Performance woeful. that said a decent goalkeeper saves the header a calm player clears his lines. thay said Fowler, millen need to leave. Clean slate. Fowler has a position that’s simply not needed. Cheerio!
  4. Forward players so bad. Unable to control the ball. Whitehall is beyond woeful. Constant pressure in midfield because forwards can’t hold the ball up.
  5. El Mak was beyond woeful when he came on. That said only the keeper got pass marks.
  6. Board chose him so yes. But did so with best of intentions even although got it wrong. I think you’ll find that there are no Big Time Billies in the changing room. But there are hard working guys whose structure was ripped apart and even although they had finished third doing X were told that X was no use and indeed hopeless , that they had played poorly last season from what he’d seen and Y and Z were to be used.
  7. Should have read thanks for undoing all the good we have enjoyed... but hey most fans are blinkered and think he was doing a great job. So I agree shouldn’t have wished him anything.
  8. Sadly he’s right and time will tell. These results show that the players are off the mark mentally. Don’t think they won’t be trying but don’t believe in what he’s saying because ‘apparently’ he’s a dud. No one wants to hear that. Especially those who hired him. We all wanted something new and better. We all know we need three attacking players but also a team giving every bit of energy to each other and their manager. That ain’t going to happen sadly.
  9. Noone wants to hear this. We’ve made a major blunder too with the manager. We’ve had sprinklings of decent football at best. All of which is because we have the same spine of the team from last season. There is unrest in the background. That said the point is correct. Hardly any shots on goal and one on target. Says it all. Especially if you look at stats from last year. The new manager was brought in 1 for his experience and 2 because of who he might be able to lure to Killie because of who he is.
  10. Incredible performance. So brilliantly simple and reads the game superbly well. His partnership with Power is top notch. If only we had a Mulumbu in there too for the forward players.
  11. Wonderful, wonderful , wonderful. Safe drive home.
  12. Brillinat :-))) ...why are you on here then? Day after Day... point exactly. We’re all bored.
  13. Having just read an old article based on Steve Clarke’s revised contract after his debut season it all pointed towards positivity, confidence for the fans and therefore confidence for the players that the Coach saw a group of players that he wanted to work with and make better. As the next season ( last season) took shape generally the feeling was the same. Positivity, a team drilled to win. Not always silky football but a winning team. And followed up mostly with good PR, solid and composed interviews which bread even more confidence among the fans. Which might just have poured onto the pitch. So... the silence which the fans have been subjected to over the past month with a Managerial signing that should be celebrated has been nothing short of deafening. We all know the managers English is pretty poor so surely embrace that discuss it, share it and find solutions quickly. Steve Clarke involves the fans his way. By coaching the players, instilling confidence and telling us that that’s what he was doing. So so simple. All we ask is that we are included, kept informed, treated like we matter. A lot of the hard work done over two years has been undone by not just the bad result but by the absolute failure in talking to us. Perhaps that why the CEO has gone. A complete inability to connect with fans. BB isn’t great at it but he would admit that. As we sprint towards an opening game with Rangers on Sunday we can only hope that some good news will pour out of the club this week. For me with regards to the club we all love, no news is good news couldn’t be further from the truth.
  14. I think you’ll find that The glorious Stevie G might not be there at end of season. That’s why we detest the Old Scum. Heads are up their backsides.