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  1. Sounds vaguely familiar
  2. Garbage..... what if you're a Tannadice regular
  3. Oh, I think most at RP would sing a different tune if we'd had a few points less ? But, you're correct.....
  4. Seems perfectly well worked out to me. How would our league work out ?? Come on Skygod.....
  5. So many pandemic experts....
  6. Laudrup, Dalgliesh, McLean, Grieg, McNeil, Cooper, Shearer, Gascoine, etc. Too many to choose the best
  7. FINNISH?? Surely Aberdeen would have an undeserved advantage
  8. Good watch..... especially the Chris Sutton reaction.
  9. We're on TV tonight.....
  10. With those black b*stards..... sorry, grimy colliers ???
  11. No. They'll (deservedly) get the title no matter where they draw the finish line.....

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