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  1. Rusty Oz

    Si Ferry & Andy

    Great watch, definitely one of my favourite players growing up!
  2. Rusty Oz

    Rangers away, Fred

    Gregory vignal
  3. Rusty Oz

    Sheep home, Fred

    If there's ever a time for the club to get live streaming, its next season while the club is progressing!
  4. Rusty Oz

    Sheep home, Fred

    They only have a commentary for the game but I cannot get it, even still a commentary for the away games and we have nothing. Staying up till 2 - 3am every week to check whats happening on here, frustrating !
  5. Rusty Oz

    Sheep home, Fred

    Even Falkirk have there own TV. What the club need to remember is it is not just Killie fans that will pay, I had a month subscription for Red TV just to watch us play one game
  6. Rusty Oz

    Sheep home, Fred

    Anyone got a link?
  7. Rusty Oz

    Second Place?

    1 game at a time, huge one against our bogey team. If we get all 3 points, then who knows ! The joys of being back in the top 6 and not fearing anyone
  8. Rusty Oz

    2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    Amazing support today! Gutted it’s the game I missed over Christmas but well done to everyone that travelled ! This will make up for missing the game ..
  9. Rusty Oz

    post split fixtures

    Can we play a few games after Hearts? I don’t want this season to end!
  10. Rusty Oz

    post split fixtures

    No telivised games for me On a positive note it’s good to be playing in these games again instead of the bottom 6
  11. Rusty Oz

    Killie's Commonwealth Games Success

    Don’t worry George, I make plenty of people down under aware about Kilmarnock. Especially as we’re winning every week and nobody else has any cumbacks anymore
  12. Rusty Oz

    Who would you like relegated

    Definitely Hamilton after abandoning the last game when I was home
  13. Rusty Oz

    gers away, Fred

    And someone has won the Super 6 jackpot
  14. Rusty Oz

    gers away, Fred

    Just another standard victory against the Rangers.......I could get used to this !

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