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  1. Still not working for me
  2. We’re heading to Europe for the first time in years, 2 of the best seasons we’ve had since the 60’s, celebrating our 150th anniversary in football and people are moaning about the kit and the colour of the home (when we’ve knows for months it was going to be oxford blue) I’ll be buying both of them, nout wrong with a change from stripes for one year
  3. I couldn’t even watch the game, ended up watching on bet365 without any problems
  4. Can only get commentary on killie Tv? Is it only home games that are live?
  5. Anywhere that’s easy to get from Australia will do me
  6. Pump them and send a message !
  7. The fact that it’s even a talking point is unbelievable.......everyone should be delighted with what we’ve achieved since SSC and AD took over. We haven’t won any trophy’s but theyve brought joy to every single killie fan that’s supported the club through the highs and lows. And let’s face it it’s never been as high as this since the 60’s
  8. I’m working with a Tim on Monday.......ohhhh please get a big result killie boys Was out at a party just after the last game and my Tim mate asked me how I’ve been getting on recently....I said I’ve been doing great since killie scored the winner against you lot in the last minute .......fair to say he was not impressed!
  9. Slightly off topic but the atmosphere sounded brilliant on the telly when the lights went off, until eventually the music came on..........sack the DJ!
  10. Must admit the atmosphere at RP sounds great these days! Great 3 points!

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