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  1. Can't see us making top six. Obviously still mathematicly achievable but need Hibs and/or Livi to drop points and us to pick up enough to go above them, I don't see us picking up enough points to capatilise 'if' Hibs or Livi drop points.
  2. It's always the same with BT Sport, the commentary always favours Rangers or Celtic. Does my head in. Bias is so obvious and it's god damn infuriating.
  3. My condolences for your loss. KTID
  4. Size of the squad is going to be the key factor. If we can avoid injuries and burnout then stand a good chance of making top six, esp with Hibs only a point above us and we play them in a few weeks. If we beat Aberdeen at the weekend, achievable with there current form, I can see us taking points off Rangers who don't look that good right now. Tough run but glad we are finding form at the right time.
  5. I don't understand why you are all taking your frustrations out on one another. The board are at fault, show your frustration towards them at the game today.
  6. Get him to f***. Should never been given such an important role. Was pish as a footballer and hasn't done anything in his managerial career to showcase his abilities to warrant DOF.
  7. I can't help but laugh and I don't know if I am laughing because it's funny or if it's because it is absolutely ridiculous we would want to resign Broadfoot and pay a fee to do so. Only Killie could do something like this. Serious questions have to be asked of the board, in particular why AA was let go and without having a replacement ready or at least candidates in mind. Also I am curious how they justified giving such an important role to JF, who in my opinion is under qualified for the role. Welcome back to reality after the SC era. If this was Football Manager I'd have given up and restarted the season by now.
  8. Let him go and use whatever money we get to bring more depth to the squad. Rather get something for him than nothing in the summer.
  9. No I don't have confidence in the board, appointing AD within 24 hours of him saying in his post match interview the board need to hurry up and make a decision does not fill me with confidence, the complete opposite. The decision comes across as if it has been made to basically bid time and to appease and quieten everyone, smoke and mirrors. All the best to AD, I hope things workout for his sake (potential future management career) and the clubs.
  10. Why shouldn't he be critised, he is the highest in the club, he took a gamble and it back fired. One of the drawbacks of any club owner is the blame falls on their shoulders when things don't workout and rightly so. It's part the parcel of having such a position. Equally when things go well ie SC praise was pointed in his direction and rightly so. It is what is, end of the day someone has to take the fall. The blame isn't disproportionate, its warranted. Its not as if those of us dissatisfied are wanting him out, like I mentioned above, blame has to go somewhere and tbh he should be openly taking the blame to protect the players, regardless if they are partially to blame. Comparing BB to MJ is irrelevant.
  11. I'm glad AA is gone, was the wrong appointment in the first instance. The board are at fault for the situation we find ourselves in not the players, they just helped the board realise their mistake sooner rather than later. Thankfully the teams outwith the OF are awful this season, hence we find ourselves still in 5th even though we've been on a poor run. Would like to think it will be a quick turnaround in bringing in a new manager esp since the board will have all those cvs from 6 months ago.

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