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  1. We couldn't sign him if he was freed outwith the window We can however sign him on loan
  2. This is nonsense Rory made quite a few mistakes today and I never heard howling Twice in the first half he was favourite for a through ball and basically pulled out of the challenges I heard no abuse of Rory for either of them I also didn't hear any clapping for the mistakes of others If on the other hand, what you said WAS actually true, I think a 70% vote would a fair indication of something being fairly accurate, unless you think the 30% have a much better football knowledge? As a local player, I would love to see Rory offering us enough, to stop the negative comments on here, but unfortunately he doesn't do it Do you really think any fan wants a Killie player to fail? He is unfortunately a very soft player, can't really tackle and doesn't score or create enough Takes so many wrong options Chases all day though A lot of people thought, with us being down a level, Rory would stroll it Not happening up to now
  3. I think McGowan was self isolating, so maybe not done much training
  4. Surprised to see Armstrong left on bench, after last week's performance
  5. To me Hemming is far superior Better agility, miles better at crosses and far better distribution I don't care that Hemming is on loan for a year or that he made his only mistake of the season against ICT The loan thing doesn't come into it, only who is better For this season they are both ours Tommy gave him the number 1 shirt for a reason
  6. Will have no problem with his initiation 🎶🎵 🎼
  7. Are you 100% sure deals were offered to these players? I have seen nothing about us offering deals to Melamed or Van Veen From what I have read, Melamed didn't want to stay in Scotland Lafferty's agent made it known what he wanted (in the papers), but I don't think any actual negotiations took place If we can pay same as the bottom 4 teams in the Premiership at least, we should be able to get decent players They didn't need to be from other Premiership teams, just have the quality required There is a huge market in the lower leagues down south Our wage bill must be considerably down on last season, given who has left and who has come in I would have thought we could push the boat out a wee bit in the striker position, to ensure we get the most important commodity, goals
  8. A couple of reasons If we sign all Championship level players, then we might just remain in the Championship We have the biggest budget, which apparently is comparable to around half of the Premiership Therefore, especially in key positions, like striker, we should be striving to get Premiership quality If you pay decent wages, you'll get decent players, despite being in Championship As well as that, we are giving out 2 year deals, so if we go up, many of the players need to be at a level, that means we compete and more importantly, stay up We don't want a huge re-build again
  9. I am not in disagreement with your argument, but 4 years ago, Steve Clarke hadn't even arrived 😜
  10. McAleney and Hamalainen were decent I thought
  11. Milne is not the boss anymore
  12. Don't know why it isn't comparable? Teams will subsidise a player's loan wages to either get him some experience or just to get rid of a player Gnanduillet is right out of favour You can believe what you want about wages He really is nowhere near the top earners, who I believe are Boyce, Mackay-Steven, Gordon and Souttar My Hearts guy is never far off the mark He says Hearts have 7 or 8 internationalists who are all on more than Gnanduillet Last season e.g. Boyce and Naisy were the 2 highest earners, both on over 3 times the wage, he was on He probably isn't even on Tommy's radar, but I don't think the money would stop a loan, if he was
  13. We would not be paying all his wages if it happened Hearts will pay some of it, to get him out Zech Medley was on more than 4 grand a week at Arsenal Do you think we paid that? Edit Gnanduillet is said to be on £120K, so not mega like some of the other Jambos