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  1. We're keeping the same budget 😜 There'll be plenty left for a keeper, a centre half and 2 strikers
  2. Jeeso It's The Sun At least wait and see if it's true, before everyone starts slating him As for "his legs have gone" Watched every minute of every game and every time, Power was still running in injury time I would bet his distances are up there with anyone's He had a shocking task in central midfield last season, with next to no help He deserves more than some of the comments on here
  3. Always wary of folk who can't tell right from left 😜
  4. Yes No positive info Just hoping Apparently not signing the new deal offered by Oldham 21 goals last season
  5. I wouldn't be surprised, if a few deals have been done with currently English based players, who will appear at training on Friday No point in these Covid times, having players come up before they need to Go Conor 😜 (Yes, I do know we have signed a couple from down South already)
  6. Are you Michael Stewart in disguise? 😜
  7. Same budget Same shops 😜
  8. The only way they are more attractive is them being in Premiership Our budget was higher than theirs last season If you are talking about O'Donnell and Lafferty O'Donnell didn't leave us for them He left at end of his contract thinking he was gonna get a much bigger club Signed for them when nothing materialised (couldn't come back to us with tail between his legs) and I would guess that given he was offered increased terms 3 or 4 times by us, he didn't get any more at Motherwell If Lafferty doesn't get what he is asking for anywhere and ends up there, it certai
  9. Gary I don't think a lot of that IS true I would love to see Power's game stats from his GPS vest, from the season just finished I would bet he has run just as far in games, as in previous seasons, if not more He was everywhere on the pitch and as you say covering for his anonymous sidekick for most of the season Thst couldn't have been easy and obviously contributed to him maybe not being as good in some games He was up against 2 and sometimes 3 in centre mid He wouldn't have needed to do some of the daft turns to try to keep possession (and actually got cau
  10. Haha There are one or two decent ones 🤣😂
  11. Absolute nonsense To talk about the Ayr game which was four years ago and also Power's first game is ridiculous He may not be Usain Bolt but Power definitely has energy and mobility Even in recent weeks, he was one of very few players, who has ran from start to finish of games, giving absolutely everything This season playing in a centre midfield two with Dicker must have been difficult, with Dicker sitting yards behind him Even though we were down and out on Monday he never gave up I would hate to see him go I have close pals who support Hearts, Celtic, D