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  1. Dabunias

    Penalty shoot outs

    I just like studying the art of goalkeeping is all. Was the position I used to play at various age groups when I was younger and have always liked to keep my hand in now and again. This was always one of my stronger areas as a keeper, mostly due to the pressure being all on the attacker who is expected to score so it lifts a lot of the psychological burden and allows you to relax and read the opposition's intentions. I annoy my friends and family no end watching football with them as, if a penalty is given, I will always try and guess which way a keeper should move to try and save the resulting spot kick.
  2. Dabunias

    East Kilbride

    Thought Thomas was very quiet first half, did a bit of shouting but seemed lost in the middle of the park. Second half was a much better showing as he got out on the wing and showed some creativity. I thought Higgins and the Trialist looked good in the second half as well. Wilson was ok but think he would have been better in the middle of the park next to Frizzell with Thomas and Ndjoli wide for their trickery and pace respectively. All in all not a bad test for some of the players and some valuable game time for others. Also the youngsters seemed to have a bit more drive going forward during the second half, moving the valley a bit quicker through to the front.
  3. Dabunias

    Penalty shoot outs

    As a keeper they will normally be looking at three things. 1. The walk up. As a player walks towards the goal they will normally give notice of which way the are going to be hitting the ball as an unconscious bodily gesture 2. Shoulder position, if they are closed off they will be hitting to the side that their kicking foot is (left footed goes to keeper left) 3. Waist position, this is the final check as the player runs up as if the player is going to open or close their body position as it will point towards the way the ball is going to be hit. Most strikers will not change the direction as they run up and if you have ever tried to open your body up while running up closed shoulder it is very difficult. Penalty saving is mostly about goalkeepers looking at player psychology in the moment and matching it up to the homework they have done on their penalty taking past.
  4. Dabunias

    Standing Section

    I remember a story from my youth I overheard once my dad had come home from the local pub after the Killie game. He and my uncle Bobby had dropped me off after the game from the supporters bus and headed out. After a few beverages they noticed a man wandering round each of the tables in turn. As he got to them he looked at them and said "I'm going round selling macaroon bars and this is my last one but nobody is taking it off me, is there any chance either of you would take it?" And my uncle duly obligies. Half an hour later the see the samean enter with a brand new box of bars going round with the same story but saying it was his last box he had to shift. Old family joke that keeps doing the rounds from a time when we used to get to run amok as kids round the terracing as long as there was space to jig between the groups standing together.
  5. Dabunias

    Sheep home, Fred

    I think the major issue yesterday was that Kiltie and Brophy are more inside forwards who like to cut inside into the space that Boyd normally operates in whereas Jones, and to a lesser extent, McKenzie push out wide to receive the ball. This made the middle of the park far too congested and it was easy for Aberdeen midfield and defenders to get into shape and pick off the narrow passing. SOD had a couple of great runs in behind the opposite full back when the pass into space was used but nowhere near enough to make the expected impact. Poor day at the office compounded by one of the worst refereeing performances I can remember.
  6. Dabunias

    Modernised Ticketing System

    I hope that you have got yourself a pin badge to go along with it or your just pretending to be a real fan..... Or was it a pin badge that was repurposed to put the relevant tech into your cerebellum? That's a true supporter of you did.
  7. Dabunias

    Motherwell v Killie Extended Highlights

    Shows you the mentality of the Scottish game really, let's have a manger that likes to pump high balls into the box and a team of tall bruisers who go down at the slightest opportunity. Also who wouldn't want the joint top scorer in the league in their team at this time of year, or Mulumbu, SoD, Taylor, etc the list goes on. That strike by SoD really reminded me of Tom Black who was never afraid of a go from distance. Wonder how good he is at free kicks?
  8. Dabunias

    Mulumbu on his team mates

    Worst dressed and banter was sod or Stephen O'Donnell (sorry for spelling if it's wrong)
  9. Dabunias

    The Great Killie Goalies Discussion

    I started going to games in the season we won promotion to the premier league and I never thought you could do better than Geddes in goals. I remember pleading with my dad to get the tartan goalie top rather than the home kit and I got the chance to wear it on the telly when an old program called N.B. was doing a feature on the Scottish Claymores American football team. His stop on the line last game of the promotion season which came off the bar and he clutched to his chest will stick with me the rest of my days. We have always seemed to have at least one top rate goalkeeper in the squad, amazes me when you see some teams struggle in that position to make a choice and stick with it.
  10. What about Brad Spencer do you think he might know any better?
  11. Worried about that guys missus in his bio, hasn't been let out to post after 3 football tweets on the 27th of June just under 8 years ago. Wonder if that's who he gets his insider information from?
  12. Dabunias

    Psychology and perception

    There's only one hippo in these parts and I think a lot of folk would be happy to spend time with a purveyor of fine football stories and editor of a magazine .
  13. Dabunias


    The real question though is how many singers/non singers where actual supporters As has been mentioned on another thread how many of each group had on a wee pin badge/strip/full kit to make sure everyone knows they are true Killie folk or if they were just pretending? Without this information I don't think we can proceed with the arguement.
  14. Dabunias

    Jamie Macdonald

    Might I be able to interject with another keeper who in my youth was a great shot stopper but always seemed suspect at crosses, so much so, that jokes where always made about being a vampire he was so afraid of them. This keeper though is 4th in the list for all time premier league appearances and had the record for most clean sheets until Petr Cech overtook him. I always thought David James was brilliant and yet he was slated for his ability to command his area and claim crosses but still played with Liverpool, Man City, Portsmouth etc. Jamie is a very good shot stopper for our level, distribution could do with improving and crosses are not his thing. I think that has been agreed upon within this thread, the next thing we should be discussing is what can be done to fix these issues and help him improve. I like Cammy Bell and think he should be given a chance in the cup, much like bigger teams do in other countries, but without seeing all the keepers in training every day it makes it hard to choose who our number one should be going forward.
  15. Dabunias

    Jamie Macdonald

    I know that there is a new statistic being used within OPTA for expected goals and a newer one being trialled which is for expected assists I would love to know how Jamie stands up to the chances that teams are expected to create and to score due to this new data being collected and assessed.

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