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  1. my bro in law says GS spends more time in stand than even on bench
  2. Any truth in rumour we’ve asked about his availability?
  3. Interesting that they had sent him a new contract he’d signed it but they never so it expired
  4. seems we've offered a contract to that accies right-back today
  5. Where’s mystic meg when u need her ?
  6. Everybody who can make it on sat should b there could b last 4 a while
  7. Should b phoning him up today offering him the post
  8. I said at start of season if we avoid bottom 2 it’ll b a successful season and looks like I was right
  9. Panman


    Not just senior clubs that crowds are dwindling juniors r also
  10. Seeing it’s an away game Burke could b the 1 2 b replaced by power
  11. Panman


    He’ll go in the summer could b another big turnover of players coming up
  12. U 4 got the word diving
  13. Panman


    Is anybody really surprised at these rags they constantly bow to the ugly sisters

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