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  1. 3 years to the day funnily enough
  2. 100 pages - 2 signings - 1 of which absolutely no one saw coming. Give it up.
  3. I remember that goal. Absolute topper
  4. Alternative thread title - man goes to game of football
  5. Son of Pele Walker I believe
  6. Best thread that’s ever been on here. Well done to everyone involved.
  7. Cooky

    Alan Power

    I am. We got beat. Get over it
  8. Cooky

    Alan Power

    To who? We got beat in a competition we are unlikely to win. s**te to get beat but it happens. We got beat off ayr so it's a bit raw, if it was against Brechin or Forfar then no one would care as much. s**t happens
  9. Cooky

    Dom Thomas

    Signed yesterday apparently

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