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  1. FFS PAL, the team could be struggling but if i trusted that the people running things could make decisions to change things for the better then id be more inclined to fork out for another season ticket. Wise up and instead of just quoting what i say actually try and read it.
  2. I never mentioned anything to with the team doing well or if they are struggling, seems your trying to put words in my mouth. at the end of the day buying a season ticket is an investment and if i feel im giving my money to people that dont seem to know what their doing thats a pretty silly investment if you ask me.
  3. If the people in charge of the running of the club looked like they had half an idea of what they were doing I might be inclined to take on some of the financial burden. Since Steve Clarke left it has been some sort of circus with the blind leading the blind at times. But im sorry when moneys tight for a lot of us at the moment i cant see myself paying for a season ticket next year
  4. Garbage football again, why not start two up and have a go?? Whats the difference between a 442 all in our own half or a 451
  5. Are the happy clappers eyes open yet? Imo this has been coming for a while, I will always want Kilmarnock to win. I also still hope angelo succeeds. It can't be an easy task going to a foreign country without speaking the language and being successful in his first substantial managerial job, but its not happening at the moment and the product we've got is not good to watch.
  6. Can't listen to this on my phone??
  7. I disagree, yes they should have got through the half but at the same time in my opinion it looked like like a team trying to follow their managers instructions and it wasn't working. unfortunately if your gaffer tells you to do something, you do it whether you believe its for the best or not. on the gaffers head be it and all that.
  8. I believe the players can perform also but not in this highly fluid style. "Partizan coach Savo Milosevic believes that likely Europa League qualifying opponents Kilmarnock struggled to beat Connah's Quay Nomads in Wales because they are a counter-attacking team who were obliged to attack for a change." he IMO had it spot on, our best performances last season came against teams who came to play. Trying to play across the park infront of a structured defence last season wasn't our game and isn't going to be our game this season especially with a skeleton squad.
  9. We are already the laughing stock of European football....
  10. With the double save amongst others I would have to argue his shot stopping is better than Jamie’s, but aslong as we beat the Huns I’m happy brother